Ep. 350 – COO, Mercury, Artug Acar

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Artug Acar, COO Alliance member as well as COO of Mercury Business Services, a Boston-based tech-enabled healthcare and logistics company. Artug shares Mercury’s focus on healthcare logistics, emphasizing their specialized services in shipping medical devices, diagnostic kits, and life science research products. He highlights the company’s strategic shift from law firms to healthcare, leveraging their expertise in a niche market to provide valuable services. Artug’s journey from VP of Product to COO reflects his deep involvement in various company aspects, from product development to operations, underscoring his comprehensive approach to leadership.

Cameron and Artug discuss the challenges and strategies of managing a global team, with a significant presence in Turkey. He stresses the importance of cultural understanding, autonomy, and team integration for effective cross-border collaboration. Artug’s unique position, bridging Turkish and American cultures, enables him to create a cohesive and efficient work environment, despite geographical and time differences. This global team plays a crucial role in Mercury’s operations, and Artug’s approach showcases his ability to navigate complex international dynamics successfully.

Artug also shares insights on change management and leadership styles. He emphasizes the need to adapt leadership approaches based on situational demands, ranging from coercive to coaching styles. Artug’s analogy of sailing in Boston Harbor parallels his leadership philosophy, illustrating the importance of adapting to changing environments while maintaining a clear course. His reflective approach, seeking feedback and learning from mistakes, marks his growth-oriented mindset.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Mercury transitioned from servicing law firms to focusing on healthcare logistics, and why targeting niche markets can be a strategic advantage.
  • Insights into managing a multicultural team across different geographies, with a specific focus on integrating teams in the U.S. and Turkey.
  • Artug’s approach to change management and how adapting leadership styles to various situations can drive organizational success.
  • The challenges and triumphs of developing a technology platform that supports global healthcare logistics.
  • Artug’s career progression at Mercury, the diversification of responsibilities, and the holistic understanding required in a COO role.
  • Strategies for fostering effective collaboration between teams from different cultural backgrounds and time zones.
  • How to adapt your leadership style during a crisis and the importance of being flexible yet directive when needed.
  • How engaging employees in decision-making and recognizing their contributions can fuel growth and morale in an organization.
  • Strategic planning and how anticipating future risks and opportunities can prepare a business for sustainable growth.
  • And much more…



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