Ep. 348 – School Of Rock COO, Stacey Ryan

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron Herold is joined by Stacey Ryan, the COO of the School of Rock, to discuss the revolutionary impact of the business and her experiences as a woman in a C-suite role. Stacey shares the transformational journey of School of Rock, from having 16 corporate locations to expanding to 353 schools across 15 countries. They discuss the unique teaching approach of the business, which focuses on teaching music by integrating students into bands and putting them on stage, offering not just musical education but also social development and community building.

Stacey shares the intricacies of managing a franchise model and the nuances of international business operations, highlighting the importance of adapting to local cultures and regulations. She talks about the success of their master franchise strategy and shares valuable lessons learned in maintaining a balance between authority and partnership in franchising. Her insights reveal the complex dynamics of franchising and the need for constant reevaluation and adaptation to ensure growth and success in diverse markets.

Cameron and Stacey discuss the challenges and advancements of women in executive roles. Stacey talks candidly about the slow but positive changes in the representation of women in C-suite positions and the biases they often face. She shares her personal experiences and initiatives like “Front Women” that aim to support and empower women in leadership roles. Their conversation not only sheds light on innovative educational models and franchise management but also crucial issues of gender equality and leadership diversity in the corporate world.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How School of Rock has expanded from 16 to 353 locations globally, transforming music education by teaching through performance.
  • The challenges and strategies of managing a franchise model, including balancing authority and partnership.
  • The slow but positive shift in the inclusion of women in C-suite roles, including the hurdles they face and the progress made.
  • How School of Rock positively impacts students’ mental health by providing a safe, inclusive environment where they can express themselves through music.
  • The value of staying true to oneself in a leadership role and the importance of making decisions aligned with personal values and integrity.
  • How personal authenticity in leadership can lead to more meaningful and successful career paths.
  • The challenges women face in corporate environments, from being underestimated to dealing with microaggressions.
  • And much more…



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