Ep. 346 – KENNEDY24 Campaign Director, Amaryllis Kennedy

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron Herold is joined by Amaryllis Kennedy, writer, television host, public speaker, former CIA officer, and campaign manager to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 presidential campaign. Amaryllis and Cameron discuss the intricate world of political campaigning. Amaryllis shares her unique journey from a CIA officer to a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, and eventually to the helm of a major political campaign. She illuminates her transition from witnessing government shortcomings to actively participating in shaping a better political future. Her experiences in government service and the tech industry have equipped her with an unconventional skill set, making her an effective disruptor in the traditional political campaign sphere.

Amaryllis discusses the campaign’s approach, emphasizing authenticity, grass-roots engagement, and leveraging digital tools to democratize the fundraising process. The campaign has innovatively gamified fundraising and volunteer activities, encouraging widespread grassroots involvement. She highlights the importance of direct voter engagement, detailing how the campaign facilitates open and unscripted conversations with Bobby Kennedy Jr., thereby fostering genuine connections with the electorate. This strategy contrasts sharply with the conventional, often opaque approaches of traditional political campaigns.

Cameron and Amaryllis also touch on the campaign’s strategic vision, focusing on offering positive solutions rather than engaging in adversary-focused politics. Amaryllis explains the critical role of listening to diverse voices across the country and incorporating their needs and aspirations into the campaign’s policy framework. She shares insights into managing the multifaceted aspects of the campaign, balancing strategic planning with the dynamic nature of political campaigning.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Amaryllis’ journey from CIA officer to a tech entrepreneur, leading to her role as the campaign manager for RFK Jr.’s presidential campaign.
  • The significance of authenticity in political engagement, and how it contrasts with traditional political strategies.
  • How the RFK Jr. campaign employs digital tools and gamification techniques in fundraising and volunteer activities, democratizing campaign processes and encouraging grassroots participation.
  • Amaryllis’ leadership style and strategic decision-making processes, including balancing various demands and adapting to the dynamic nature of political campaigning.
  • How her experiences in government and Silicon Valley have informed her approach to managing the complexities of a political campaign.
  • Amaryllis’ personal journey from disillusionment in government service to a renewed commitment to political reform.
  • How she balances the intense demands of a presidential campaign with personal commitments, particularly as a mother.
  • And much more…


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