Ep. 338 – Wio UAE, COO, Jamal Al Awadhi

In today’s episode of the Second in Command podcast, Cameron is joined by Jamal Al Awadhi, the COO of Wio UAE, a platform bank based in Abu Dhabi. Wio Bank represents a paradigm shift in banking as a platform bank, deeply rooted in digital innovation and strategic growth. Jamal, with his rich background in marketing and strategy, brings a unique international perspective, having studied in the U.S. and marrying into a Canadian family. His leadership style, honed by working with three executive coaches, focuses on strategic priorities, innovation, and cultivating effective teamwork, which are pivotal in navigating Wio Bank through its rapid growth phase.

Cameron and Jamal discuss the challenges of establishing a new bank in a traditional industry, particularly in a highly regulated environment like the UAE. Jamal discusses how Wio Bank navigated these challenges, emphasizing their digital-native approach, which contrasts the conventional brick-and-mortar model of traditional banks. He talks about building trust with customers in a digital platform, highlighting the importance of strong shareholder support and the power of word-of-mouth in growing their customer base. 

Jamal shares his vision for Wio Bank and personal insights on leadership. He discusses the balance between strategic oversight and operational management, the importance of team support and resilience, and the adaptability required in a fast-paced, high-growth environment. His personal journey of continuous self-improvement and his unique approach of working with multiple coaches for diverse perspectives is a testament to his commitment to leadership excellence. Jamal also offers advice to young professionals: to trust the process and understand the importance of assertiveness without conflict.



What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How Wio UAE is challenging the traditional banking landscape with its innovative platform bank model.
  • Jamal’s leadership style, as well as the challenges and rewards of leading a bank through a period of significant expansion and change.
  • The value of diversity in building a business that caters to both local and global markets.
  • The balance between technological innovation and maintaining a human touch in customer interactions.
  • The complexities of launching and growing a new bank in a highly regulated environment.
  • Strategies for fostering resilience and adaptability in teams, especially in a high-growth and fast-paced business environment.
  • And much more…



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