Ep. 328 – Linko, COO, Rodolfo Lanzagorta

In today’s episode, Cameron introduces Rodolfo Lanzagorta, a COO Alliance member from Mexico and COO of Linko. Rodolfo provides insights on the cross-border business dynamics between Mexico and the United States. He also shares his personal growth journey as a COO Alliance member and his transition from larger tech and consulting firms to a smaller entrepreneurial organization.

Discover Linko’s fascinating history and gain valuable insight into Rodolfo’s decision to become part of this company. He reflects on his early days at Linko, including adapting his leadership style and cautious approach to integrate with Linko’s existing team dynamics. In addition, Rodolfo emphasizes the crafting of Linko’s 2026 vision. He also shares strategies to effectively decline ideas from team members without diminishing their enthusiasm or creativity.

Tune in to this enlightening episode!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • About Linko Tech Solutions and their expansion operations into the United States.
  • Entrepreneurial growth and Mexico’s digital banking advancements. 
  • Challenges and opportunities for a Mexican company entering the US market.
  • Adapting leadership style for a diverse team.
  • The importance of preparation and support for changes in the organizational structure.
  • Proper training of your employees on essential tools. 
  • Sales strategies for the financial services industry.
  • And so much more…



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