Ep. 298 – M Duffany Builders, Managing Partner, Tim Duffany

Our guest today is Tim Duffany, Managing Partner of M. Duffany Builders in Falmouth, Massachusetts, as well as a member of the COO Alliance for the past three years. Tim joined the family business five years ago, where his expertise in the financial services industry has offered a fresh perspective. Tim has been instrumental in implementing innovative strategies to take the business to new heights. One of the most game-changing initiatives he has brought into the business is the ‘Who hiring methodology,’ taken from Geoff Smart’s book, *Who: The A Method for Hiring.* This approach has revolutionized their hiring process, enabling them to assemble an exceptional team. In today’s episode, Cameron and Tim discuss impostor syndrome  – something that affects many leaders, and how, through hard work and self reflection, Tim has conquered these challenges and emerged as a confident and effective leader. They also the impact his financial background has had on the business.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why the younger generation doesn’t see room to grow in the industry.
  • Combatting imposter syndrome, and why it’s so common among leaders.
  • How to find great project managers.
  • The importance of having a strong local presence in the construction industry.



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