Ep. 153 – Podcast Magazine – Executive Editor, Kelly Poelker

Ep. 153 – Podcast Magazine – Executive Editor, Kelly Poelker

Our guest today is Kelly Poelker, the Executive Editor for Podcast Magazine. 

Kelly Poelker is also the President & COO of both Ear Control and Bold Enterprises which she runs alongside Steve Olsher.  Kelly has been providing high-level customer service, business support,  consulting,  coaching, and event management to businesses and leading entrepreneurs for over 35 years. She’s a pragmatic idealist, bestselling author and visionary with an incomparable track record of helping to facilitate dramatic results for her six- and seven-figure clients while holding them accountable to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Kelly serves many roles from the Executive Editor of Podcast Magazine, Content Producer for the Hot 50 Countdown and the soon to be Beyond The Microphone, as well as being the lead coach for the company’s year long Icon Maker coaching program where they help clients to become icons of influence in their niche.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Kelly’s management over three businesses 
  • How podcasting became a pillar to their businesses 
  • How Kelly developed the filter for Steve Olsher’s ideas 
  • How Podcast Magazine became the “Rolling Stone” of podcasts 
  • How the quality of content drives the success of a podcast 


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Podcast Magazine – https://podcastmagazine.com/


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