Ep. 151 – Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC COO, Dr. Dana Knight-Reyes

Ep. 151 – Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC COO, Dr. Dana Knight-Reyes

Our guest today is Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Dana Knight-Reyes. 

Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC, is litigation focused law firm. From their regional offices in Colorado, Missouri, Montana and Illinois, they have represented businesses, including transportation entities, public employers, and insurers throughout the United States. 

For 24 months, Dana has assisted the Board of Managers in developing, planning, and executing the vision and business plan of the almost 4 year old law firm. Dana manages the administrative operations of the Firm, including supervising all non-attorney personnel, managing the operating and information systems, overseeing the finance functions, assisting in the marketing of the legal services, and evaluating, managing and supervising the facilities of this 20-million-dollar fast paced law Firm. 

Dana holds a doctorate in Organizational Development and Leadership and brings diverse work experiences serving high-performing organizations as a Professional Development Coach and Organizational Development Consultant primarily in the education world. Dana is also a mother of 2 boys and a sister of 4 brothers. 


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The trust between the partners of the firm and how to separate business relationships from their personal relationships 
  • How Dana slows down the team to help them cater to and understand the importance of the human element 
  • Breaking the silos and bridging the gap between leadership and the employees  
  • How Dana identifies growth minded individuals in the hiring process 
  • The lessons learned and the transition from teaching children to managing a law firm 


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Knight Nicastro MacKay – https://www.knightnicastro.com


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