Signs of a High EQ and Why They are Important in Business

Signs of a High EQ and Why They are Important in Business

Your EQ signifies your emotional intelligence. A high EQ is vital for a leader to be able to regulate themselves and manage others. On the surface, it might be questionable how important a high EQ is to business, but in actuality, people with a high EQ often, if not always, do better in sales, management, and getting things done in general.

“Emotional Intelligence is a fundamental ability for healthy and effective interpersonal relationships and interpersonal communications.” – Think Marketing

Here are some signs of a high EQ that you can look out for and why it’s important for your business.

Handling Criticism

The way someone handles criticism presents a lot about their emotional intelligence. A person with a high EQ is going to be very self-aware. When they get criticism, they’re not going to take it too personally and get upset, they’re going to think about what the person is criticizing them on and take note of it.

“Regardless of the exact nature of their reaction, people with high emotional intelligence do not deny it [criticism], blame others, make excuses or melt into a pool of anxiety.” – Forbes

If someone denies the criticism, places blame on someone or something else or make excuses there is a good chance their EQ isn’t as high as someone who takes that criticism and tries to improve from it. In business especially, it is always important to have someone that can effectively use criticism to make them and their company better.

Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Being self-aware of strengths and weaknesses is an effective indicator of a high EQ. When someone identifies these things about themselves they’re able to use this knowledge to do their job more effectively.

“A big part of having self-awareness is being honest with yourself about who you are — knowing where you excel, and where you struggle, and accepting these things about yourself.” – Inc

A leader’s weaknesses only become a problem for the business when the leader denies them. When these weaknesses are out in the open, they can figure out ways to work with and around them in ways that won’t affect the quality of their work.

Social Awareness

A strong leader with a high EQ is socially aware. By being able to tune into the emotions of people around you and adapt to social cues you show the ability to build stronger connections and relationships.

“They [high EQ people] understand and tune into other people’s emotions and can adapt to unspoken social cues. They can also see the interpersonal interactions within groups and larger organizations.” – Life Hack

Developing social awareness will build emotional intelligence. These two things go hand in hand with each other and with business. A company that is socially aware is bound to be more successful and that means having leaders and employees that are socially aware, too.

The Importance of Empathy

Someone with a high EQ is empathetic and isn’t afraid of vulnerability. When leaders and businesses lack empathy it makes for a very unpleasant and discouraging workplace. The worst part is that when people lack empathy they often don’t even know it.

“It’s a narcissistic behavioral pattern that doesn’t allow them to see past their own biases and beliefs.” – Huffpost

When leaders are able to understand other people’s feelings, it better equips them to deal with problems that come up with all people around the business, be it employees or clients.

Not everyone is born with a high EQ. On the upside, emotional intelligence can be acquired and improved. The first step is just making yourself aware of your habits and the habits of emotionally intelligent people. There is always room to improve.

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