Ep. 136 - Amazzia Chief-Strategy-Officer (CSO), William Fikhman

Ep. 136 - Amazzia Chief-Strategy-Officer (CSO), William Fikhman

Our guest today is Amazzia’s Chief Strategy Officer, William Fikhman. 

Amazzia, based in Los Angeles, CA, assists brands in navigating the complex and highly nuanced world of the Amazon marketplace to ensure that their clients maximize revenue, retain full control of their brand integrity and improve customer experiences.

For over 16 years, William has dedicated his career to helping hundreds of brands thrive on the most critical eCommerce channel by developing services and programs that adeptly utilize the platform. William has managed over $200 million worth of product sales on the marketplace and, on average, achieved +35% year-over-year revenue growth for brands in partnership with Amazzia.

William holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from California State University-Northridge.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How a company flipping products on Amazon grew to a multi-million dollar business and became Amazzia 
  • How the roles and responsibilities blend and differ between William and his two brothers who lead and manage the company 
  • How a family owned business such as Amazzia works through the natural frustrations of the business and how to handle the family issues as well 
  • How the DISC assessments define the leadership roles in the company 
  • Understanding the difference in being an owner and being an employee of the company you started and how to separate the two


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Amazzia – http://www.amazzia.com


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