Ep. 100 - Special 100th Episode: The Best of Second in Command

Ep. 100 - Special 100th Episode: The Best of Second in Command

Today we are pleased to announce we have reached 100 episodes. Since the launch of the Second in Command podcast, we have talked to several COOs and others in the position of the second-in-command to learn and educate others on how to increase their results, improve their business and affirm better communication with their CEO. 

In this episode, we recap some of the highlights from over the last hundred episodes, including the following: 

  • Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein 
  • Organifi COO Mae Steigler 
  • TIBCO COO Matt Quinn 
  • Grant Cardone Enterprises COO Sheri Hamilton 
  • Vayner Media COO James Orsini 
  • Measurabl COO Dana Arnold 
  • Zurixx COO Andrew Way 
  • Leverage Head of Operations Florence Bout

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In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to be a swiss army knife, utilizing various abilities to help aide your CEO 
  • Managing a business and team remotely and minimizing the amount of meetings needed down to what’s necessary to be the most effective 
  • Creating your core values into your identity, thus creating stickability with your team 
  • How to identify yourself as a COO and knowing what the CEO needs from you 
  • How to identify the right and wrong people within your staff 
  • Setting yourself up for continual business growth 
  • Communicating your handle on active projects and team management to your CEO 


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