Ep. 99 - Checkr, Chief People & Operations Officer, Linda Shaffer

Ep. 99 - Checkr, Chief People & Operations Officer, Linda Shaffer

Our guest today is Checkr’s Chief People & Operations Officer, Linda Shaffer.

Linda Shaffer manages Checkr’s operations, and is committed to building the highest quality of service for our customers and applicants. She has successfully scaled operating teams in fast growth, data-intensive companies in media and telecom at YP, Sense Networks, Nielsen, and Accenture.

Checkr brings machine learning to the modernized process of background checks. Launched in 2014, Checkr has grown to over 400 employees with offices established in San Francisco and Denver. Their mission is to raise fairness in the background check process by utilizing artificial intelligence that processes data in an impartial way, highlighting only the best qualified candidates.

Linda leads Operations, G&A, and People at this SaaS startup who has modernized the background check. She has an extensive line of experience commercializing and growing data products, developing scalable operations, and managing teams both small and large. Linda is focused on growth companies scaling from startup to growth operations in data and analytics businesses.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How the background check industry as a whole was extremely antiquated and relied on manual processes, not tech-forward 
  • What has kept Linda engaged with Checkr among the changes and evolution of a fast-paced technological space 
  • What are the best ares for people to learn skills for improving their own processes with hiring
  • Understanding the challenges that come with job seekers with a criminal record 
  • What ripple effects occur when bringing in a senior leader 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Operations at a data business tend to be messy because there always is a human element that needs some process and rigor
  • Checkr not only enhances the background check process but also mitigates the post-hire transition


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Check out:  https://checkr.com 

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