Ep. 98 - Hiscox COO of Group Claims, Tom Wolczik

Ep. 98 - Hiscox COO of Group Claims, Tom Wolczik

Our guest today is Hiscox’s COO of Group Claims, Tom Wolczik.

Hiscox is a diversified international insurance group with a powerful brand, strong balance sheet and plenty of room to grow. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and headquartered in Bermuda, they currently have over 3,300 staff across 14 countries and 34 offices.

Tom is a Global Operations Executive with over 17 years driving transformational change for both Property, Casualty, and Specialty insurance carriers. 

Throughout his career, Tom collaborates effectively with all levels and possess a relentless passion and energy when leading cross-functional teams. He continues to manage large scale operations and complex portfolios while producing results that have exceeded expectations.

Tom is currently the COO of Group Claims within Hiscox, a diversified international insurance group. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Hiscox operates to rise above the corporate politics to get focused on the movements that matter within the company in order to get things done
  • What struggles Tom went through over the years and how he created strengths through Hiscox 
  • How Tom learned to think through every area of opportunity 
  • Conflict resolution processes implemented within the company 
  • Recruiting key employees and what Hiscox looks for

Interesting Highlights:

  • HIscox is a global insurance carrier diversified in various different groups internationally 
  • A matrix organization is defined on paper as one that may report and work across multiple groups / business units


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