Cheat Sheets To Write Your Vivid Vision

If you want to finally align and inspire your employees, customers and suppliers around your vision – You need these

  • A dozen samples of real companies Vivid Vision ® documents you can borrow ideas from
  • Examples from CEOs Cameron coaches
  • Examples from renowned copywriter Jenn Hudye and her team at Conscious Copy

Books To Inspire and Upgrade Your Organization

“Cameron delivers fantastically structured systems that you can unfold into your company tomorrow! His systems and mentoring has helped me grow our business 30% by revenue and 180% by profit year over year. We are on our way to becoming the top employer in our county.”
– DAN BALDA – CEO, Medicomp

Here’s What Our Leaders Are Saying…

The best COO group in existence

I have been a part of other COO groups and I have to say that I gained more value in one meeting with the COO Alliance than all of my previous group meetings combined. I highly recommend the COO Alliance and I am eager to see what I accomplish this year with the help of this organization.
– Brandon S. Bowers

WOW. The COOAlliance is Simply Awesome!

Wow. The COOAlliance is THE best thing for growth-minded senior management seeking to drastically grow their companies. Cutting edge speakers, a Slack channel where COOs share tactics and advice, and where Cameron Herold moderates and provides his insight at every turn. The on-line references and webinars are incredibly helpful. No wonder they call Cameron the “CEO Whisperer” and the COO Alliance is the best way ever to access not only his talent, but tap into best ideas of hundreds of like-minded COOs from all over the world. This is clearly the best investment I have ever made.

-Marcus Viles

Amazing group of humans!

I’ve been in the COO Alliance for a few months now, and have attended 1 event so far, and it is totally worth it. It’s a great resource to meet like-minded individuals with such a breadth of experience. And the energy and vibe is so welcoming, you really feel comfortable being open and honest. Would highly recommend for any COO!!!

-Clemens Kim

Awesome topics covered.

We focused on time management, delegation and productivity. All are incredible topics for the capacity constrained business environment.

-Randy Blackston

I am so grateful for the experience!

I am so grateful for the experience with the COO Alliance. It has helped me gain knowledge, confidence and a support network that have all allowed me to grow exponentially in my role. The guest speakers are great at providing structured ideas that are easy to implement in our organizations and the breakout groups allow for great discussion around how others approach different areas of their operations. The relationships with other Ops leads has led to strategic conversations about shared challenges outside of the meetings as well so the value goes beyond the monthly or in person events. Because of covid, I haven’t been able to do an in person event yet but I am looking forward to it when I finally can. Highly recommend!
-Kristy MacLeod

Practical over theoretical, thank goodness!
I’m usually skeptical of taking trainings like this, but Cameron’s delivery, content and interactivity made it easy. His approach is practical and tangible, as opposed to theoretical and whimsical, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you Cameron for making me a believer and for helping me reach an inbox zero status!

-Ryan Kalalau

Great Course

Cameron’s course provides important, insightful, and realistic information. It is a definite asset to any leader.

-Lisa Scott

Cameron Herold- An inspiring, honest and realistic view on work & life

Cameron, is bright, innovate and down to earth. His courses are user friendly and easy to understand and implement. It was a pleasure to hear him speak at our Amplify Event.

-Zoe Barghout

Cameron definitely kept my attention

Cameron definitely kept my attention! The modules are plenty and short enough to keep me focused! The tips for successful, relevant meetings are the easiest to implement and I’ll be following his format for sure!

-Lorie Lehman

Down-to-earth leadership guidance that’s perfect for everyone

Whether it’s for a refresher course to seasoned leaders or people taking on leadership roles for the first time, Cameron Herold breaks everything down to be as successful as possible. His videos bring extra context to the copy and give you the “why” and “how” to make these changes. Just a great course!

-J. Hall

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