Why Did Cameron Create the Second in Command Podcast?

Why Did Cameron Create the Second in Command Podcast?

If you’ve done any reading about Cameron, you’re well aware of his impressive past, working with CEOs to help companies grow – both as a COO and as a CEO coach. He has built companies in both Canada and the US – taking them from $1-2MM to well over $100MM. Through all his work as COO, or as the BackPocket COO, he has learned many things, taught many things, and learned about gaps in resources available to high-level executives.

Enter the COO Alliance and the Second in Command Podcast – The Chief Behind the Chief.

The reason Cameron Herold wanted to start the Second in Command Podcast is because the media often only interviews the CEO. You know, the entrepreneur. There are all kinds of press releases, announcements, news articles, and podcasts where entrepreneurs are being interviewed, but what about the COO? The person behind the scenes making sure that the CEOs dreams are coming true?

Yes, it is great to hear from the visionary, but we want to hear from the integrator. We want to listen and learn from the chief behind the chief, the one who’s making the dreams come true. And the reality is, that every successful entrepreneur has a Cameron Herold.

The Second in Command Podcast is for all COOs out there, all of the “Camerons” who are behind the scenes working their butts off for their companies. The Second in Command podcast is the show for all great business leaders to learn from the successes and failures of great seconds in command, from brands that we know or should know.

Cameron also asks them lots of questions about vision and operations, execution, culture, meetings, alignment with their CEO, and how to grow genuinely great companies and leaders. Cameron has often said that a leader’s job is to develop people, and we want you to learn from these fantastic COOs how they grow people as well.

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