The 8 Traits of the Best COOs on the Planet

8 Traits of Top COOs Globally

It takes a lot to be a great COO. Below are 8 traits of top COOs globally!

COO is Aligned with CEO's Vision

And due to that the CEO has complete trust due to being on the same page. The COO refers back to the CEO’s Vivid Vision frequently. And the COO sharea the vision frequently with employees, customers and suppliers.

Strategic Plan in Place

The COOs plan is managed from Asana (or similar) and is referred to weekly by the leadership team. The COO considers cross-departmental dependencies and considers money, people & time requirements for projects.

People - Systems in Place For Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring

COO does in-person 360 group feedback reviews and Top Grade all staff every six months. The COO has a Virtual Bench of hires in place. Their managers are all trained & certified in interviewing.


Employees have all read the book, Meetings Suck. No time is wasted in meetings. Their meetings have a strong focus on outputs. They are fun and high-impact. People take pride in opting out of attending them if they don’t need to be present.

Financial Systems In Place

The COO has rolling past & future 12-month budgets. They have a good eye on cash flow & have an open book financials for all employees.

Skills to Do the Job of COO

The COO is always growing as a leader. They focus their learning on their 6-12 month objectives. They’re a part of masterminds and book clubs.


The COO has a TOP 50 list of mentors they can call on regularly & leverage the wisdom of the crowd. The COO will reach out to leaders they read about in the media for advice.

Company Culture

The COO has an award-winning culture. They leverage tools like 15Five & TINYpulse and have strong Glass Door ratings. It’s easy to recruit A Players.