Ep. 123 - LiveIntent Chief Operating Officer, Brett Pinegar

Ep. 123 - LiveIntent Chief Operating Officer, Brett Pinegar

Our guest today is LiveIntent’s COO, Brett Pinegar.

Brett Pinegar is the Chief Operating Officer at LiveIntent and has overall responsibility for the revenue organization and key operational teams. Brett’s focus is on helping his team to help their customers win using the power of email as a people-verified, media channel. 

Brett brings over 25 years of executive leadership from serving as CEO to three separate technology companies including Akopia, an open source ecommerce platform that was acquired by Red Hat Software. 

Brett has also advised and coached hundreds of technology executives. He is a passionate trail runner and student of leadership.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How LiveIntent uses advertising through email marketing through the SAAS business model 
  • The relevance of physical offices in a COVID-19 world 
  • Brett’s transition from CEO of a few organizations to a COO for LiveIntent and what the fundamental differences are between the two roles 
  • What the hallmarks for the mantle of the CEO role 
  • How to show the CEO their blindspots without putting them up against the wall 
  • What parts of the business is outsourced and why    


Connect with Brett Pinegar: LinkedIn 

15Five – https://www.15five.com/ 

Matt MacInnis Operating Manual – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qa6vPaeOHibIUiAUT6M0xWWPCMIVo91MWM7Kdchr7Jg/edit?ts=5ec56155 

Check out: http://www.liveintent.com/

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