Ep. 121- Kinsta Chief Operating Officer, Jon Penland

Ep. 121- Kinsta Chief Operating Officer, Jon Penland

Our guest today is Kinsta’s Chief-Operating-Officer, Jon Penland.

With 5+ years of experience working remotely in the technology space, and 10+ years working with customer-facing teams across multiple industries, Jon has stepped into the role of Chief Operating Officer at Kinsta, where his responsibilities include hiring and onboarding as Kinsta has grown from a team of 20 to a team of more than 120. 

While he didn’t write his first line of HTML until he was 25 years old, within 3 years Jon was working full-time in technology, first as a freelance writer for technical websites, and eventually as a Support Engineer at Kinsta. From there, he moved into management roles, initially as Chief Customer Officer and now as the COO. 

When he’s not driving company-wide strategy and finding ways to help our distributed team stay connected, Jon can be found in rural Georgia with his wife and five kids.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Kinsta used WordPress as their focused content management system platform
  • What falls under Jon’s role as the Chief-Operating-Officer of Kinsta 
  • How does Jon divest himself of some of the areas he used to manage that no longer needs his direct input and asks the question, “What do I do now?” 
  • How does Jon keep the trust high over the years with the CEO and how does he approach the harder topics and have the counter-arguments safely. 
  • Jon’s transition from an engineer and a sales background to COO of Kinsta 
  • How Jon had to socialize the idea of bringing OKRs into the organization, how he convinced the company to use them, and how they are using OKRs currently


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