Ep. 120- Zibtek Partner, Ian Reynolds

Ep. 120- Zibtek Partner, Ian Reynolds

Our guest today is Zibtek’s Partner and Chief Solutions Architect, Ian Reynolds.

Zibtek is a software development consultancy focused on helping businesses build custom software. They help growth companies, enterprises, and visionary firms solve their core business objectives with agile software development. Zibtek’s mission is to focus on value creation on the client’s core business objectives. 

Ian has spent the better part of his career in consulting and has served in diverse industries as Finance, Oil and Gas, Retail Power, Field Services, Midstream Energy, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Transactional Finance, Mergers, and Acquisitions, Restructuring, e-commerce, Retail, and software development. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Ian’s role as a partner of Zibtek and his acquisition of 50% of the company 
  • Steps for setting up an acquired business for success 
  • How Ian systemizes the connection with the customer 
  • Ian’s checklist for finding the culture fit in Zibtek 
  •  Which areas are Ian focusing on for growth 
  • The tactical simplification lessons on scaling a business 
  • Zibtek’s remote culture and how they function  


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Check out: https://www.zibtek.com

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