Ep. 117 - Less Doing Chief Operating Officer, Courtney Waid

Ep. 117 - Less Doing Chief Operating Officer, Courtney Waid

Our guest today is Less Doing’s Chief Operating Officer, Courtney Waid.

Less Doing is a company that coaches successful entrepreneurs to make themselves more Replaceable in their business so they can focus on the work they love. Less Doing helps these entrepreneurs who have the opportunity in excess of what their infrastructure can support, find focus, flexibility, and freedom in their business. The methodology enables founders to become replaceable so they can scale their business. Their nine guiding principles are a comprehensive attack on overwhelm that offers guidance in three fundamental areas: Effective Communication, Project Management, and Process Perfection. 

Courtney holds degrees from the United States Military Academy at West Point and the George Washington University. A former military intelligence officer and Iraq war veteran, she currently lives outside Ft Worth, Texas, with her husband, 4 children, and a menagerie of farm animals. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Less Doing primarily focuses on coaching successful entrepreneurs with proven success factors that continuously grow 
  • Less Doing creates systems in place to help entrepreneurs optimize their day-to-day so they can focus on what they’re best at and leave the business to run itself
  • How Courtney best manages her time as a COO and mother of four 
  • Things Courtney learned in the military that she’s implemented in the business world 
  • How Courtney learned to adapt her style to a CEO type who is a quick, shoot-at-the-hip personality and how he has learned to work with someone who asks many questions to get a better understanding of what needs to be done
  • The importance of automations to help leverage a company’s end-result and how Less Doing utilizes them within their own processes


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