Ep. 116 - DLC Management Chief Operating Officer, Chris Ressa

Ep. 116 - DLC Management Chief Operating Officer, Chris Ressa

Our guest today is DLC Management Corp Executive Vice President & COO, Chris Ressa.

With his dedication to solving real estate needs for entrepreneurs and national retailers coupled with his ability to thrive under immense pressure, Chris Ressa hasn’t let the challenges impede achieving his goals. He has persistently earned his way and has become an established industry influencer. No wonder he has been recognized by Chain Store Age by landing on the magazine’s 10 Under 40: Rising Stars of Retail Real Estate list.

Chris joined DLC Management Corp. in 2007. During this tenure, his relationships, real estate expertise, and leadership have led to numerous successful repositioning of assets. With a track record of consistently beating budgets and increasing NOI, Chris has played a significant role in the overall growth of the organization. Now as Chief Operating Officer, Chris oversees DLC’s $2.5 billion asset portfolio and is responsible for all property-level operations including leasing, property management, construction and marketing on all owned and third-party managed assets.

Chris has a strong presence on social media, including LinkedIn with his influence base of over 28,900 followers. Chris’s influence in the digital space expands beyond LinkedIn as he also hosts the highly acclaimed Retail Retold podcast.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Chris first got involved with commercial real estate 
  • How DLC Management maintained their human & family culture as they scaled and partnered with bigger institutions
  • How Chris Ressa started his podcast, the Retail Retold podcast 
  • Other well known brands who are utilizing their real estate in smart marketing ways to improve their business
  • Some of the challenges of the commercial real estate industry


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Check out: https://www.dlcmgmt.com/

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