Ep. 115 - Stringcan Interactive Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Shepard

Ep. 115 - Stringcan Interactive Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Shepard

Our guest today is Stringcan Interactive’s COO, Sarah Shepard.

StringCan Interactive is a digital marketing agency that accelerates the growth of businesses dedicated to wellness and wellbeing. StringCan Interactive creates brilliantly focused digital strategies with world-class implementation. Services include persona development, marketing roadmaps, content marketing, media planning and buying, and more.  

Sarah designs and improves the processes and structures that enable StringCan to deliver industry-leading solutions for their clients in the most fiscally disciplined manner.  She is also the cultural curator at StringCan where she ensures that the team can always be their best self at work and home.

For fun Sarah spends her time teaching yoga, convincing others that green smoothies aren’t scary, enjoying newlywed life, and binge-watching Altered Carbon.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How the CEO and COO of Stringcan Interactive divide their responsibilities into their respective roles
  • How Jay and Sarah worked their professional relationship as CEO and COO 
  • Some current obstacles in the digital landscape 
  • How to keep Gen Y engaged working within an organization when they feel they can go off to start their own company 
  • How Sarah finds the right subcontractors and her process for interviewing and recruiting them 
  • What companies do wrong when selecting a marketing agency

Interesting Highlights:

  • Stringcan Interactive helps businesses get found online using digital marketing
  • Stringcan Interactive re-launched their website in 2019 and treated it like a client project, practicing their high quality process on themselves to insure their process is well developed and best for their clients


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