Ep. 109 - T-Systems COO, Daniel Delank

Ep. 109 - T-Systems COO, Daniel Delank

Our guest today is T-System’s COO, Daniel Delank.

Daniel Delank is a multilingual, results-oriented senior executive and entrepreneurial thinker with a proven track record of setting up and improving the performance of organizations in different roles and functions.

He has over 15 years’ experience in advising Fortune 500 companies by implementing profitable growth strategies. Daniel started his career in consulting and joined two global leading IT companies (HP and T-Systems), before being offered his first executive position in the US.

As a highly self-motivated, goal-orientated leader and manager, Daniel combines strong analytical skills with the talent to derive actionable measurements and feasible implementation roadmaps.

Beyond this, he has a proven track record in implementing change and in parallel delivering high-value results. Constantly outperforming expected results as well as establishing and managing high performing teams.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The early action measures T-Systems has taken to ensure their 1,000 employees are accommodated across all their markets during the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • The potential for company growth as COVID-19 has forced employees to work out of their silos and into a new way of collaborating to be more productive including business travel and other seemingly “traditional” methods of operation
  • Working-from-home operations vs office spaces and their impact on office equipment expenses 
  • Shifting from fear, crisis & damage control to moving forward and taking next steps in growth, driving sales and emerging as an active business 
  • The new age of leadership that is taking place in this evolving entrepreneurial landscape since the coronavirus crisis has caused such a global change in the business environment

Interesting Highlights:

  • Daniel Delank spends normally about 60-80% on the road during normal business, which has obviously decreased during the times of COVID-19 
  • T-Systems works in the automotive industry, connectivity, security systems and other digital infrastructures with over 1,000 employees


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