Ep. 103 - Carrot Director of Operations, Alex Zerbach

Ep. 103 - Carrot Director of Operations, Alex Zerbach

Our guest today is Carrot’s Director of Operations, Alex Zerbach, a software company that helps high achieving real estate investors and agents generate leads online. Carrot’s customers are able to run highly profitable businesses and make an impact in their communities.

Carrot focuses on website and marketing performance and helping their customers stand out in the crowded space that is real estate marketing. 

Alex joined Carrot in 2014 as employee #4 and has helped grow the company past 30 employees and 6,500 customers. Alex bleeds orange and loves seeing Carrot customers change their lives for the better.

Alex has been involved in projects and initiatives across all business functions and enjoys bridging the gap between departments to help make the biggest impact for Carrot and it’s customers. 

He is a self-proclaimed spreadsheet addict and loves to see a well organized project with clear metrics and objectives. 

Alex finds balance in life by leaving the office and enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer with his wife Morgan and their twin daughters, Nora and Hadley.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Carrot utilizes a high level website develop / launch platform and provides a suite of marketing tools 
  • What Alex learned by what he succeed and failed at through strategic planning 
  • Understanding the process and keeping it simple for measuring your metrics 
  • How Carrot keeps communication alive and on task with their remote employees  
  • What Alex has learned through conflict management training 
  • How Alex interacts with the CEO by communicating which projects should move, which should wait for more development and which do not line up with the CEO’s vision  

Interesting Highlights:

  • Alex made a goal to grow the company to point where he can join the COO Alliance and recently attended his first event, which was a milestone for his career goals 
  • Carrot’s CEO Trevor, told Alex he needed to connect with mentors and is a part of several mentoring groups. After a Google search, Alex discovered the COO Alliance and thus made his goal to making it to an event 
  • The domain “carrot.com” was originally owned by a painter who maintained it for several years. When the original owner passed away, Carrot put up a bid to the family of the painter to acquire the domain and dedicated a page in his memory so he will always be part of that domain 


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Check out: https://carrot.com 

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