Ep. 101 - Special Q & A with COO Alliance Founder, Cameron Herold

Ep. 101 - Special Q & A with COO Alliance Founder, Cameron Herold

Today, we are pleased to announce we have a special Question & Answer episode. We have been polling our audience to find the burning questions that many of you have about growing your business, setting the right internal systems in place, and improving your relationship with your CEO. We got a great response and took the opportunity to address many of those questions here in this episode. We hope you enjoy this special episode of the Second-in-Command Podcast. 

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In This Conversation, Some Of The Questions We Address:

  • What are the signs that a company needs a COO or second in command type, when certain companies of different sizes can operate without one 
  • How to value and identify adaptability in teams 
  • How to fit in your skin in your role when you feel as though you’re dealing the “imposter syndrome” 
  • What are the most crucial roles that need to be fulfilled when starting a business
  • What are the key principles for building a six figure company 
  • Where should you put your focus on when growing your business

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