Ep. 96 - Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. CFO & COO, Daniel Flores

Ep. 96 - Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. CFO & COO, Daniel Flores

Our guest today is Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc’s CFO & COO, Daniel Flores.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc. lives by the motto: Entertain. Educate. Execute. For them, social media marketing understands that marketing is becoming competitive by the day. They teach marketers how to use social media to get ROI for local businesses. Through the process they envelope a method of teaching that entertains and explains with the most innovative ways to gain better business. 

Daniel is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc., Daniel has led the digital marketing specialist through multiple milestones. In 2018, he grew the company to $8 million in sales, up from $3 million in 2016. He also revamped its internal financial metric system. 

The same year, he supervised the building of a new studio for the Billy Gene Is Marketing brand. And that isn’t all. Despite having a full workload, Flores led a company-sponsored book club initiative within the firm to foster a culture of learning. He has an open-door policy and makes it a priority to continually check in with employees to ensure contentment and, as a result, productivity. 


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • As a COO, what are some tips working with a strong type D personality (from the DISC personality)
  • What are the established systems of communication in place between CEO and COO 
  • Defining some of the challenges faced within the company and what growing methods were implemented to overcome through the challenges
  •  How Daniel is managing a split role between CFO and COO 
  • What were some of the key factors for rapid growth for Billy Gene is Marketing 
  • Helpful ideas for how to approach the marketing space 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to get more customers through paid ads 
  • Once a month, Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc. brings in a live audience inhouse for the learning experience of marketing and getting to know your audience 


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Check out: https://billygeneismarketing.com


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