Ep. 74 - Talend COO & CTO, Laurent Bride

Ep. 74 - Talend COO & CTO, Laurent Bride

Our guest today is Laurent Bride the COO and CTO at Talend.

Talend offers a single suite of cloud apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data.

When he joined Talend, Laurent brought 17 years of software experience, including management and executive roles in customer support and product development. Before Talend, Laurent was CTO at Axway where he was responsible for R&D, innovation, and product management. Previously, he has spent more than nine years in Silicon Valley, working for Business Objects and SAP. Laurent holds an engineering degree in mathematics and computer science from EISTI.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The process of keeping the DNA of a company – culture, transparency, innovation, and servicing customers … not just talking about it but actually living it. 
  • How hiring based on emotional intelligence is highly important. Asking questions like, who are you as an individual? What sort of transformations have you gone through? And then deciding if there is a good cultural fit. 
  • Using referral programs as part of your hiring process and why it works. 
  • Why companies are moving out of the Bay area based on the balance between hiring from a cash perspective against how long you think they will stay with you.

Interesting Highlights:

  • French culture is all about the arguments, ensuring we are heard and focusing on the outcome.
  • The loyalty of people in French culture. They are not jumping from one company to another very often, as they become attached to people and management. 
  • The importance of finding coaches and mentors throughout your career.  


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