Ep. 58 - Influential COO, Adrienne Lahens

Ep. 58 - Influential COO, Adrienne Lahens

Our guest today is Adrienne Lahens, the COO of Influential.

Adrienne Lahens is an operations executive who’s helped grow nascent startups into industry-disrupting unicorns. With expertise in media and technology and a passion for innovation, Adrienne has cultivated dynamic teams and established an iterative structure to support exponential growth. She’s overseen the development and execution of hundreds of influencer marketing and branded content campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, grossing billions of views, provable ROI, and actionable business results.

Currently, Adrienne is the COO at Influential, an AI marketing ecosystem that delivers market intelligence, influencer technology, and social activations. Adrienne sets the strategy for the Managed Services offering, leads GTM strategy for the SaaS business, and runs all operations for the company.

Prior to Influential, Adrienne held several leadership roles in her 4 years at BuzzFeed and scaled the operation to support well over $150M+ in revenue. She led initiatives to foster international expansion into Europe, South/Central America, and Asia and brought new products such as branded video, quizzes, and editorial sponsorships to market.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Influencer marketing- Breaking through the noise of creating content, using the algorithms, and really setting yourself apart from everyone else.
  • Cutting back on the number of employees; how the number of employees isn’t the goal, but a lot of companies use this as a benchmark.
  • Why social data is the largest crowdsourcing of public opinion and how you can use this to predict the future.
  • Recognizing different strengths in leaders and how to utilize these to grow a company.

Interesting Highlights:

  • Chemistry plays an important role within a company and the dynamic of the company.
  • The definition of seniority and why it means something different to Influential.
  • Finding the right skill sets for the right role is not necessarily just based on seniority, but also past experience.


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