Ep. 57 - Paxos COO, Andrew Chang

Ep. 57 - Paxos COO, Andrew Chang

Our guest today is Andrew Chang, the COO of Paxos.

Andrew has over a decade of operational experience at technology companies and startups and is a partner at seed fund Liberty City Ventures. Before joining Paxos, Andrew served as a Lead Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google, working in business development for display ad products. Prior to that, he was the COO of Condition One and an associate at TechStars New York. He also has experience managing delivery at WPP-owned Kantar Video and innovation in research, analytics and digital media at 360i, a digital marketing agency.

Andrew has expertise in creating strong communication frameworks and identifying how to most effectively unlock value across the whole company. Andrew earned his MBA from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business and a B.S. in Operations and Technology Management from Boston College.

In This Conversation, We Discuss:

  • An in-depth conversation on the creation of the Pax to enable the movement of the dollar.
  • The core value “Search for the Truth” and how Paxos, as a company, is living this in their business.
  • Using the interview process to find people with leadership traits in all the different roles of the company.
  • Increasing communication and alignment, while setting expectations on speaking up as one key to growing leaders of the company.
  • Bringing in employees from the corporate world, ensuring the companies they have worked for before have aligned values to your current organization and their personal core values align as well.

Interesting Highlights:

  • The meeting idea of everyone having an opinion in every meeting you are in. If you don’t have an opinion, you aren’t in the meeting.
  • Using a leveling framework for peer reviews and weaving the core values into these reviews.
  • Discussion on the ability to give up responsibility for the better of the company.


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