Ep. 47 – Vacayo COO, Isabel Berney

Ep. 47 – Vacayo COO, Isabel Berney

Our guest today is Isabel Berney, the co-founder and COO of Vacayo.

Vacayo is a real estate management platform that transforms under-performing rental homes into generous passive income streams for landlords.

In her role as COO, Isabel oversees growth and management of their vacation rental portfolio, operating in 4 cities on both coasts.  She co-founded Vacayo with her husband, Truth Oladapo, in 2016, bootstrapping their way to $1 million in revenue. Around the time that Airbnb and other sharing economy startups were gaining traction in 2011, Isabel discovered her passion for this industry and the potential to use real estate as passive income.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The balance between micromanaging and being too hands off
  • How companies evolve
  • Maintaining culture when your remote team is in halfway around the world

Interesting Highlights:

  • How Vacayo found their niche in a competitive market
  • Why you should bother your COO



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