Ep. 39 – Redirect Health COO, Guy Berry

Ep. 39 – Redirect Health COO, Guy Berry

Guy Berry is the COO of Redirect Health and he is our guest today.

Guy Berry is an executive with 10 years experience in leadership, motivation, coaching, and developing culture to provide excellent customer service. In 2007, Guy moved to Arizona to work in retail and healthcare before starting with Redirect Health. Now as their Director of Operations, Guy leads with strategic thinking, project management, and a focus on leadership growth.

Redirect Health offers easy and affordable healthcare options for individuals and businesses. Removing unnecessary administration and streamlining care has allowed them to help more people, grow exponentially, and now offer their services in all 50 states.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Guy built trust with his CEO through very honest communication
  • The challenges Redirect Health had to navigate when they started a second company under the same brand
  • How Guy has grown as a leader by joining COO alliance and networking with other COOs
  • The importance of “soft skills” and how they may even be more important than systems and processes

Interesting Highlights:

  • Taking action on your unique ability – How Guy has used his hyper-observant nature to grow in leadership and make his team feel supported
  • How Investing in personal development is not personal
  • Focusing on genuine happiness as a COO


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