Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

To Attend Any Of Our Upcoming  Events, Become A Member of Our National Program

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If you’re looking to grow as a COO and are ready to take off successfully in business, there’s no greater opportunity than to become a member of the COO Alliance! 

November 14-16 – Theme:  Building a World-Class Culture
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January 24-26 – Theme: Marketing and PR
April 23-25 – Theme: Management, Leadership Development & Coaching

2018 November Event – Building A World Class Culture

NEXT EVENT: November 14-16 with Michel Falcon
ONLY 7 SPOTS LEFT!!! – This is Cameron’s Area of Expertise!

Michel Falcon is an entrepreneur, advisor and international keynote speaker who leverages customer experience, employee engagement and company culture strategies to grow businesses.
His hospitality company operates large scale venues in downtown Toronto. The portfolio includes four venues which equates to over $20,000,000 in yearly revenue and 150 employees. It’s their focus on customer experience, employee engagement and company culture that has allowed the organization to achieve this growth in a two-year period.

As the COO or second in command, you may feel like no one else understands the often tricky demands of your role in the company. There are hundreds of developmental opportunities for your CEO, but you haven’t yet found YOUR tribe.

We, at the COO Alliance, want you to know that you are not meant to do it alone! This is why we work so hard to provide measurable growth for our members and have been recognized by Fortune magazine as the leading professional development group for COOs. We want to continue to provide value however we can and wanted to make sure you are in the loop about extra spots opening up for our November “My Impact on Culture” event!

On November 15-16, 2018, we will be presenting the theme: Building a World-Class Culture with entrepreneur Michel Falcon who has leveraged his skills in building culture to produce over $20 million in annual revenue for his hospitality company.

Events Schedule

Using his years of experience as an executive business coach, Cameron customizes each event to be a comfortable, collaborative, customized, and solution oriented EXPERIENCE.  This isn’t any ordinary conference. This is a tribe of your peers – all of whom are committed to limitless growth.

While we understand that juggling traveling and work commitments can be challenging, we want our members to fully utilize the benefits of the group.  That being said, all attendees are strongly encouraged to make travel plans that allow for all activities.
The event begins on the first evening with a welcome cocktail reception at 6pm.  This isn’t just a chance to grab a drink and some amazing food, we’ll also sit down, go through member introductions, and dive right in to finding out the current problems facing attendees.

Days two and three begin at 8:00 a.m. with a lavish breakfast spread, followed immediately by the event.  Each day is a combination of group discussion, small group breakouts, guest speakers, and custom advice from Cameron.  This is truly an opportunity to disconnect (no phones allowed!) from your daily pressures and to commit 100% to growing both yourself and your company.   Here you will build lasting relationships, learn from other qualified peers, and collaborate to solve issues your company is actually facing.  Lunch is at noon, and drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.

After the event on day 2, we’ll leave the hotel for a fun group activity and dinner at one of Cameron’s favorite local restaurants. Day 3 wraps up around 5pm with an informal happy hour and a chance to connect with other members before heading out.  You’re welcome to leave anytime after 3pm on day 3, but many members choose to stay another night to enjoy our beautiful weather and celebrate their new friendships.

After the Event

After the event, connect with other members through the private Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and join Cameron on a quarterly video call with other members to check in and discuss solutions to new issues that may have popped up since the last event.  It’s not unusual for members to hit it off at an event and pair up as accountability partners!

Event Agenda

We do not provide the agenda ahead of time. This is a strategic choice that we find works best for our COOs. We tell you where to be and when, and you know the speakers and theme for each event ahead of time. Everything else you find out as the day goes on. We have found that this requires all of our attendees to be fully present and in the moment.

Event Location

All events are hosted at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa nestled in the foothills of Camelback Mountain in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.  The Royal Palms, voted Conde Nast’s Favorite Hotel in Arizona, offers guests the intimate atmosphere of a luxurious, private residence—along with the amenities of an award-winning luxury resort. Winding, cobblestone pathways lead to private nooks with crackling fireplaces and lush greenery encircles you, blocking out the hustle and bustle of the city.  You’ll forget that you are only 7 miles away from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.