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How to Find and Train Kick-Ass COOs

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Discover the Step-by-Step Method for Finding Your Perfect Second-in-Command

Do You Have an Action Plan for Recruiting the Right COO?

Most CEOs don’t. And it could cost your organization millions of dollars…

Most CEOs are so busy trying to handle CEO duties and operations that they overlook the importance of hiring the right candidate to serve as their Second-in-Command.

And who can blame them? It’s tough wearing multiple hats to keep your organization running, traveling to masterminds and events…all while building your team.

But when you decide you need a Second-in-Command to hold down the fort and take the reins with you, you need to make sure you’re not making the costly mistake of hiring someone who can’t truly take on the responsibilities of the role.

As the former of COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and the founder of the COO Alliance, I’ve developed a formula for attracting and selecting the PERFECT candidate to be your Second-in-Command.

I shared my proven process at War Room not too long ago, and now I’m giving you access to it for FREE.

What You’ll Discover in This FREE Presentation:

  • The 7 “types” of COOs and how to decide which one best suits you and your organization
  • The biggest mistake CEOs make when choosing a Second-in-Command — avoid this one thing and you could end up saving MILLIONS of dollars in expenses
  • The right (and wrong) way to measure a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience so you make a great hire the first time
  • Why you must know YOURSELF before you can find the perfect match to run the company with you
  • The “TORC” technique to identify top candidates during the first few rounds of interviews
  • …and more!

By the time this presentation is over, you’ll know EXACTLY how to attract, select, and retain the right COO for your

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