COO Alliance

The COO Alliance is the leading professional development group for seconds in command.  Recognized by Fortune Magazine for its immense professional value, the COO Alliance was created as the solution to a significant demand. In his many years in business and executive coaching, our founder Cameron noticed one key issue. There were countless opportunities for CEOs to join peer groups, attend masterminds, and better themselves as leaders. However, for the professional development of COOs and seconds in command, there was nothing.

When it comes down to it, the COO is just as important to the survival and success of an organization as their CEO. CEOs have the vision and COOs make it happen. The COO Alliance provides a safe and innovative space to bring your organization’s strategies, systems, and profit to the next level. It allows for peer support across many industries and experience levels. This means you don’t have to take your shots in the dark anymore. At the COO Alliance, you will find COOs just like yourself, who have gone through many of the challenges your organization is currently facing. If you are interested in scaling, refining processes, building a magnetic company culture, attracting driven and talented employees, innovative marketing strategies, increasing sales, and growing profit margins while also feeling completely supported by a group of peers who have experienced the tricky demands of your position, there is no better place than here. When you invest in your skills, your culture, and your strategies, you don’t just guess. You design and build success from the inside out.

Welcome to the COO Alliance: where strategy and community meet to allow for amazing results!

Our Core Values

  • Deliver what you promise
  • Be open & vulnerable
  • Show respect for everyone
  • Grow big, act small
  • Have some effing fun

Our Mission

We founded The COO Alliance with one simple goal in mind: to provide COOs with the same professional development and growth opportunities CEOs have enjoyed for many years.