About Coo Alliance

About the Coo Alliance

Are you a COO or 2nd in Command at your company? Join the world’s leading network for COOs so you can achieve exponential success!

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CEOs have a multitude of options for training, development and coaching. Unfortunately, not as many opportunities exist for the COO. After identifying this severe leadership support deficiency, Cameron Herold launched the COO Alliance.

The COO Alliance is an exclusive and vetted 2nd in command mastermind group. If you qualify, you will be connecting with and learning from other COOs across different industries at private mastermind events around the country.

Save time, stress, and money throughout your career by leveraging the experience, knowledge and support of your peers.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver What You Promise
  • Be Open & Vulnerable
  • Respect Everyone
  • Grow Big. Act Small
  • Have Some Effing Fun
  • Grow Big. Act Small
  • Have Some Effing Fun​




The Only Network That Solely Supports the COO

We are not an off-shoot of a larger organization that has added COOs into the mix, we are EXPERTS! We are committed exclusively to the COO and pride ourselves on understanding what you are facing and working to develop you.

The COO Alliance is Your Tribe...Not Just Your Network

It is a group of people collaborating and sharing information to solve issues you are currently facing! The premise of the group is not to get business opportunities, but to build relationships with experts in their fields and support one another to be better people holistically.

Not About a Guy with a Theory Who Wants to Coach You

Cameron Herold is a seasoned leader who has been in the COO role and brought a company from $2 million to $106 million! He’s grown and led staff, served as a mentor, Learn from someone who has been there and succeeded.

Member Benefits Compare Benefits

Members enjoy attending up to five events each year, hosted at luxury resorts around the country. Each event includes a welcome reception, two full days working with Cameron and other COO Alliance members, all food and beverages, and fun group outings.

Networking Beyond Events

Members are welcomed into the members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups, where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, and just converse with your tribe about the unique challenges that accompany your role as Chief Operating Officer. You’ll also have access to the COO Alliance app and private Dropbox where Cameron and other members share documents and presentations that will aid your growth. Cameron checks in with members between events via video conferences.

Vetted Group of Business Professionals

The COO Alliance isn’t just another business association with stuffy conferences and uncomfortable meet ups. It’s your tribe, and we’ll help you assess if it’s a great fit for you. Our members come from many different industries, but they’re facing similar problems and looking to grow in the same direction. You’re a COO who is a true second in command, committed to learning and growing, and looking for a mastermind of your peers. This is COO training, but you’ve never seen it done like this before… v

COO ALLIANCE Member data

We firmly believe that diversity breeds innovation. We have worked to select members thar represent a vast number of Industries and creative business practices. We also have worked to diversify our members in regards to background , experience, age and gender

Revenue of member companies:

  • Ranges from $5 Million-280 Million
  • Median (top of Bell Curve): $17 Million
  • Mean (average): $35.3 Million

Number of employees in member companies:

  • Ranges from 16-800
  • Median (top of Bell Curve): 56
  • Mean (average): 162

Our members are

  • COO, VP of Operations, Director of Operations, President or GM of a Company
  • Work at Companies Generating $5M+ a Year
  • Vetted by Cameron Herold Himself
  • Invited to Join the COO Alliance After Meeting Eligibility Criteria
  • Share the Same Values as Existing Members
  • Open to Learning and Participating in a Peer Group

What our members walk away with...

As a member of the COO Alliance, you can look forward to discovering new and creative ways to:

  • Create & manage rapid, healthy growth
  • Build a culture that attracts an A-Team
  • Gain COO & CEO relationship building tools
  • Streamline work by leveraging technology
  • Master strategic planning & execution
  • Communicate to motivate and drive company vision & success
  • Become a dynamic leader
  • Cultivate career & life balance
  • Generate new ideas, strategies and techniques you can action immediately
  • and so much more!

The COO Alliance hosts 5 events per year for National Annual Members. In your first year as a National Annual Member you choose 3 of the 5 events to attend.

Upcoming Events


Currently we host 5 events per year (New Annual Members can attend up to 3 events per year), with 25 attendees at each event. Our events rapidly fill up months in advance, apply now to lock in your attendance.

Until our NEXT Event:

June 18th & 19th (Event begins Wednesday the 17th at 6pm)

Theme: People 1 – Recruiting, Interviewing & Onboarding



What our members and their CEO's are saying about the COO Alliance



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Join us for 3 National Events your first year, 5 National Events after that



Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies and has built a dynamic consultancy over the years, with past clients including a ‘Big 4’ wireless carrier and a monarchy. Cameron dove into entrepreneurship at an early age, running his own business with 14 employees by the time he was 21.

By the age of 35, Cameron had helped build his first TWO $100 MILLION DOLLAR companies. By the age of 42, Cameron drove 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue, and 3,100 employees – and all in only six years. His companies landed over 5,200 media placements over those six years, including coverage on Oprah.

Not only does Cameron know how to grow businesses but his delivery from the stage is second to none – the current publisher of Forbes Magazine, Rich Karlgaard, stated “Cameron Herold is THE BEST SPEAKER I’ve ever heard…he hits grand slams.”

When Cameron steps off the stage, he doesn’t stop teaching. He is the author of the global best-selling book DOUBLE DOUBLE – in its 8th printing and in multiple translations around the world. He’s also the author of the top selling books Meetings Suck, Vivid Vision, Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, and Free PR.

Cameron is a top-rated international speaker and has been paid to speak in 26 countries to date. He’s also the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful and effective speaker at Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer leadership events around the world. He also hosts the Second-in-Command Podcast where listeners can tune in for interviews with tips and insights from other high-level COOs.

Learn From Cameron


Media Inquiries: meridith@cooalliance.com

Customer Support: info@cooalliance.com

Trust pilot reviews


Trustpilot is a valuable resource in providing social proof of a company’s reputation. We are Trustpilot certified and rated. Look through some of our reviews below: Change to: The COO Alliance is Trustpilot certified and rated. Get to know what our members and customers are really saying about us below

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I have nothing but good things to say…

I have nothing but good things to say about Cameron and his entire team. I went to Arizona to attend my first COO Alliance event as a "test drive" in February. I ended up having a medical issue occur right before the event started. Meridith, Gordie and Cameron were wonderful finding me help and getting me there and checking in on me afterwards. I was just able to re-test drive the April event and I was blown away. Due to COVID-19 it had to be a virtual event but you were still able to feel the team atmosphere that this group puts out even through computers. I am by nature a very shy person but this group of like minded individuals was welcoming and not intimidating at all. Cameron ran the virtual conference wonderfully and I have SO many ideas to put in place with my team and show the owners of my company.
Ashley Widerhoeft

People Who Understand What It's Like to Be a COO

I just got back from my first in-person COO Alliance event in Phoenix, and it was fantastic. It's not easy to find others who are familiar with the challenges that I face every day as a COO, and this group puts dozens of those exact people in the same room for a couple of days! It's a very giving and forgiving environment, with people sharing all sorts of challenges and opportunities from their jobs, and even from their personal lives. Everyone is there to help everyone else. Cameron Herold is a very effective ringmaster, helping the group tackle a great deal in a short amount of time. And every event features a guest speaker or two, so the content is always fresh and informative. It's an incredible program, and I can't wait for my next event.
Scott Shrum

If you are a COO you need this!

So far I have attended 1 COO Alliance Event and 1 Zoom call and I left both with actionable plans that I Implemented immediately (and successfully!). The in-person event was extremely high quality in every sense (food, location, speakers, materials, activities, did I mention the food!?!). I loved everything about it and cannot wait for the next one. I really felt like I was surrounded by people who know what I am facing at work, have been there too, and are willing to help. I am so happy to have found this group!
Erin Nelson

You won’t regret your decision to join...

I just wrapped up my first year as a member of the COO Alliance and I do not regret having joined for one second! Cameron Herold has put together an engaging and powerful program that attracts top COOs and seconds in command from around the world. The experience levels, backgrounds and industry specifics vary from company to company that is represented but the culture of the group is unified. Each member is trustworthy, open-minded, genuine and not above learning or lending a helping hand. The camaraderie and enthusiasm should be bottled and the networking opportunities are stellar. Anyone who is looking to grow their company and make a lasting impact by taking care of your employees and clients should not hesitate to join!
Sandi Valdovinos

The COO Jedi Master.

I'm an entrepreneur and my business was growing exponentially. We also believe in promoting from within. I'd heard good things about the The COO Alliance and knew a little about Cameron from his time in Vancouver. I decided to enroll my young padiwan into the program and have watched him develop into a full blown Jedi. (Yes - I like Starwars). For me, the value of the COO Alliance has gone beyond just developing a stronger COO, and growing my business. It has been instrumental in allowing me as the founder and CEO to concentrate on the areas that I excel at. Cameron, while a little too tall and certainly not green, is quite the Yoda.
Mark McColman

This group is like nothing else I have experienced.

This group is like nothing else out there for those running companies, making a difference in their communities and shaping businesses from the SVP, COO or number two position. The depth of and the level of detailed discussions are exactly what executives need to learn, grow and take themselves, their team, and their companies to the next level.
Michael Fiorenza

Great group with lots of knowledge…

Great group with lots of share knowledge. The value is in the collective experience of the members and their willingness to share. Highly recommended.
Jeff McConnell

So far my manager really likes what he…

So far my manger really likes what he has gotten out of the COO Alliance. He is looking forward to the future events.
John Clerides

The COO Alliance is one of a kind

The COO alliance is one of kind. I have been in this group for 2 years now and at each event I find that I am not only gaining extremely valuable ideas for the business, but I am also able to make real connections with other COOs and grow tremendously personally and as a leader. Everyone within the group is extremely helpful and always willing to share from their own experiences. I truly believe the fastest way to get to somewhere you want to be isn’t by “figuring it out on your own”, it’s by asking people who have been there before and learning the best practices as well as the systems and processes to get there. The COO alliance has embodied that experience, and I am extremely grateful to be part of the organization.
Daniel Flores

I just finished my first two day event…

I just finished my first two day event in Vancouver. I’ve worked with many mentors over the past fifteen years and have invested over $150k in mentorship in that time. What Cameron and his team have created here is special. It’s a perfect mix of connection with peers, strategy, tactics and fun. I’m so pumped to have found this group and know there will be amazing growth for me and my company over the next twelve months and beyond. The notes I took in the first morning of day one were worth many times more than the investment.
Brian McLellan

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I’ve attended two COO alliance events now, and have found them both engaging and practical. Having moved into a COO role from a director capacity in HR I was looking for a mentorship or association that would support my development and support my success. Someone sent me a link to the COO alliance, and I joined immediately. The events are incredibly useful, and help you take time away to focus on how to make your company, and yourself, achieve success. I would recommend it to anyone in a COO role.
Amber C

I am so grateful to be part of the COO…

I am so grateful to be part of the COO Alliance. This is a power group that is open and willing to share experiences, techniques and solutions to everyday scenarios happening in businesses all around the world. The tools and actionable items I leave with after each event have undoubtably helped improve and grow Jigsaw Health. This peer group is exactly what I needed – even in ways I didn’t know I needed help. Proud to be part of this amazing tribe 🙂
Natalie Ochoa

Great training for any COO

Our COO has been in the COO Alliance for three years. It’s been integral for her professional growth and the growth of our company. I recommend Cameron’s program to anyone who asks (or even those who don’t ask!)

Kevin Gianni CEO/co-founder – Annmarie Skin Care
Kevin Gianni

This program has been extremely valuable

This program has been extremely valuable for our COO, for me as the Founder, and for our organization. Our COO has learned valuable insights and strategies to help steward our company’s future. Cameron has a unique insight into business and the manner in which he curates this program that is unmatched.

-Nick Friedman, Co-Founder and President College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving
Nick Friedman

What You Got Here…

Our company, Scribe Media (formerly Book In A Box), was one of the original members of the COO Alliance. We have worked closely with Cameron Herold as a coach and advisor since our inception. The amount of growth that our business and our Director of Operations have seen over the course of that time has been exceptional. Our company continues to benefit thanks to the expertise of Cameron and his team, as would any company seeking to invest in the growth of their COO.
JT McCormick

We are excited to work and partner with…

We are excited to work and partner with the COO Alliance. Our team has always been solidly behind personal growth as well as professional growth. The COO Alliance helps our company in both areas. As CEO, having our COO collaborate with the best of the best globally has been such an advantage to our entire team.

Scott W. Danner, CEO Freedom Street Partners
Scott W Danner

Great value

It’s hard to measure the value of having our COO (Guy Berry) be part of COO Alliance for the past two years. Guy’s professional growth has been impressive, and our company has benefited and gained brand new important capabilities because of it. I enjoy hearing about the solid ideas coming after COO Alliance meetings, and my relationship with Guy has never been better because of it.

David Berg, Founder Redirect Health
David Berg

I’m a newer member to COO Alliance

I’m a newer member to COO Alliance. Just attended my first event in Phoenix. It was a first class event with excellent content, and plenty of opportunity to network with some great COO’s from all across North America. They continue to build an excellent database of shared resources for all members that can be utilized immediately in your business to help scale. Cameron and his team are very hands on and provide direct access for dialogue and idea sharing. Well worth the investment.
Andrew Gregory

COO Alliance – Thank you!

Moving into the COO role from a sales role in our company was an exciting but daunting challenge. There wasn’t COO school. I was introduced to the COO Alliance as a way to meet and connect with other COO’s. Finally ‘friend’s’ who have the same challenges and opportunities I do to make our companies awesome. Appreciate Cameron’s no-nonsense style and the wealth of collective knowledge in the group.
Sophie Blais-Yalbir

Don’t hesitate to join, It’s absolutely worth it!

I attended my first event recently and was blown away by the value I was able to take away. Just being in the same room as several other people who have faced similar problems to the exact ones I am currently facing was invaluable. On top of that Cameron and other guest speakers provide even more in depth knowledge on topics central to the theming of the event. I was able to make some great connections that I look forward to collaborating with in the future and it was great knowing there is a group out there focused solely on the COO/VP of Operations/Director of Ops etc. If you’re looking for an event to help you take your company to the next level and make some fantastic connections along the way, don’t hesitate to sign up for the COO alliance.
Rob Childers

A pleasant surprise.

I have just attended the first event for my second year of membership to the COO Alliance. I am eternally grateful for the collective genius in this group and Cameron Herold’s expertise. Every time I come to these events my mind is so full of to do’s. After being here the clarity gained and time to step back and actually think makes all the difference. Worth every penny. I never expected the value I have received.
Theresa LaBranche

COO Alliance is the perfect resource

It’s been such a treat being part of such an amazing program. In the world of leadership we can often find ourselves in a lonely place. COO Alliance is the perfect resource because us leaders often find ourselves in situations where we realize “we don’t know, what we don’t know”. Having a room full of leaders that understand the struggles and share the same passion to win makes this such a unique program and that’s why I say it’s a treat. I leave there every time feeling restored and pumped up. I’m grateful Cameron had this vision and took the leap of faith and ran with it.
Jeanne Shockey

Grow Your Company and Your Leadership!

This is a carefully selected group of COOs from profitable, people-centered businesses in a wide variety of industries sharing decades of hard won lessons in a deeply supportive and inspiring environment. Cameron, Rachyl, Meridith, and the COO Alliance team do a fantastic job of facilitating discussions, selecting impactful speakers, and ensuring everyone walks away with actionable insights. It is an excellent group for #2s looking to grow both their company and themselves as leaders!
Brittany Walters


Excellent program. It was a complete gamechanger for our business as we grew. Cameron is the real deal.
Zach Obront

Being part of the COO Alliance has…

Being part of the COO Alliance has without a doubt had the greatest impact on my business career than anything else I’ve been apart of. The peer relationships I now have would have not been possible without the COO Alliance. Cameron delivers content and direction that is foucused and actionable for scale. I highly recommend the group for any “number 2”. I’ve now gone on to build a new business and would not have the confidence I now have in this endeavor without Cameron and the groups mentorship.
Tom Parmentier

Best Investment in our Company!

Love this group! This has been the best investment in our company and I can already attribute much of our growth to what I’ve learned at the COO Alliance. I have learned things here that you simply don’t get from business books. These are real life COOs that are generous with their ideas and willingly share solutions to common problems that arise – it’s practical advice and it feels good to know others are going through the same issues. In addition to gaining insight from the members, we get to benefit from Cameron’s brilliance during the entire event as well as the quarterly calls. Can’t say enough about this organization!
Tina Anderson

Fantastic Group

Fantastic group! Nothing like any other that I’ve attended before. I’ve formed great relationships with high level professionals who are doing great things in their companies. I enjoy collaborating on ideas and systems and especially like learning from Cameron.
Kerry Faix

Awesome Group

Awesome group! I always take away at least 2-3 ideas or improvements for my business no matter how short the interaction. Finding my ‘tribe’ of like minded people is just an added bonus!
Mimi Naghshineh

Excellent resource and organization for…

Excellent resource and organization for COO’s. No better networking opportunity around.
Jim Kozel

Amazing group connecting second-in-commands

Amazing group connecting leaders in like positions, giving unique perspective on leadership. No where will you find people dealing with similar challenges, as the second-in-command, coming together and sharing ideas. The value is 10x when the leader can bring back solutions to problems facing the organization.
Guy Berry

Essential for 2nd in Commands

Great investment for companies looking to grow and/or see major improvements in key areas. Peer groups are powerful in themselves, and this COO focused group delivers a tremendous amount of value to the members and to our companies. For me, there is nothing like having healthy discussions with a dynamic group of people who play the same role as you do for their companies. This is where I get to work ‘on’ my business and its been game changing.
Roman Cowan

There is no better place to surround…

There is no better place to surround yourself with peers – being the second-in-command can be a lonely place – not here!
Sophie Blais-Yalbir

Found my tribe! Great connections and learning with top notch COOs.

Finally a high quality, focused forum for COOs/2nds in Command. It’s an excellent investment to keep growing and connect; been a game changer for me personally. It’s already got world class content and structure led by famous COO and author Cameron Herold but the magic is in the peer-driven development, connection and problem solving with people just like me.
Erin Rand

This is a great tribe of peers

This is a great tribe of people that are interested in growing together and helping others in the community. The synergies amongst the second-in-command across so many businesses is amazing. Kudos to Cameron and his team for creating this group to learn and grow together.
Mitch Dodd

Calling all Seconds-in-Command!

Join the COO Alliance and you will have found your “people!”
Kate Shneyder

It is great to be with people who…

It is great to be with people who understand you.
Brian Lakari

I always take away valuable insight…

I always take away valuable insight every time I attend. I would recommend the COO Alliance to any “second-in-command”.
Dave Wheadon

Learning Opportunities

Excellent learning opportunities for the #2. Great forum to discuss issues and ideas among peers not offered elsewhere. Guest speakers are always interesting and with valuable content.
Steve Hoffa

It is a quality program where you share experiences

It is a quality program where COOs have an opportunity to share experiences under the supervision of a former COO, Cameroon, who appears to have seen it all. What I like best about it is the guidance is never “preachy”, recognizing there is more than one right way to lead an organization. The unifying theme of many sessions is “value your people”. I always go to these events expecting just to enjoy the break from work, and end up more energized than ever to get back to work. It’s also a wonderful network to tap into when issues arise.
Sophie Blais-Yalbir

Fantastic Program

This program has changed so much about the way I look at my job and business in general. Having this outlet to connect with others in similar positions has shown to be invaluable. I highly recommend this program to anyone in the COO position who could use any type of support in their role.
Rachel Pachivas

Great group with lots of knowledge…

Great group with lots of share knowledge. The value is in the collective experience of the members and their willingness to share. Highly recommended.
Jeff McConnell

Cameron and his team put on an …

Cameron and his team put on an excellent program. I would recommend this for any COO, no matter how many years of experience that may have. I love how honest and trusting the group is, it makes you feel like you’ve come home.
Darrell Epps