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Interview Process

Step 1

All Applicants are Vetted and Qualified

To maintain the integrity of the group we interview each applicant to assure their goals are aligned with the group’s.

Candidates Must:

  • Deliver What They Promise
  • Be Open & Vulnerable
  • Show Respect For Everyone
  • Grow Big, Act Small
  • Have Some Effing Fun
  • Actively & Openly Participate
  • Not Try to Buy or Sell Their Services

Step 2

Be Prepared for Your Zoom Interview

Check your inbox and mobile phone for an interview request.

Be very clear on the reasons you wish to join, your company values, the problems you/your company is currently facing and the value you will be able to contribute to the peer group.

The interview takes place on Zoom, a video conference platform. You can download zoom here.

Check your inbox at the scheduled interview time for a live zoom link.

Step 3

Interview for The COO Alliance (30 minutes)

Remember this is NOT a pay to play network this is a vetted mastermind group of your peers. If you do not wish to interview, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

The interview will be 30 minutes long, 25 minutes will be you being interviewed and 5 minutes for questions, so have your questions ready.

We appreciate your application and look forward to meeting you virtually.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at any time by emailing us here.

COO Alliance Member Testimonials

These are the testimonials from our COO Alliance members and event participants, enjoy!

Haafiz Dossa

COO at CTR Technologies

“I feel pretty confident that we will be able to take home about $575,000 from either cost savings or increased margin.”

Mae Steigler

COO at Organifi
“..for me specifically, it was a lot of value out of one of the guest speakers, Karen. Her marketing approach to really clarifying the strategy that I’d like to apply to partnerships. That’s easily $3 million and that was just a mistake this year. I believe with this structure we can apply a lot more clarity and that’s a ton of value for us in just the last two days.”

Frank Girardi

COO at SecureIt Tactical

“We’re in the seven figures in terms of opportunities for saving money with two things predominantly.”

1. Measure competitors

2. Identifying margin decline