These are some of our many testimonials from our incredible COO Alliance members. See why the COO Alliance is equipping motivated COOs with all of the skills to lead their roles and increase their business potential to soaring new heights! 

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Trustpilot is a valuable resource in providing social proof of a company’s reputation. We are Trustpilot certified and rated. Look through some of our reviews below:

Excellent resource and organization for…

Jim Kozel – Excellent resource and organization for COO’s. No better networking opportunity around

Amazing group connecting second-in-commands

Guy Berry – Amazing group connecting leaders in like positions, giving unique perspective on leadership. No where will you find people dealing with similar challenges, as the second-in-command, coming together and sharing ideas. The value is 10x when the leader can bring back solutions to problems facing the organization today.

Essential for 2nd in Commands

Roman Cowan – Great investment for companies looking to grow and/or see major improvements in key areas. Peer groups are powerful in themselves, and this COO focused group delivers a tremendous amount of value to the members and to our companies. For me, there is nothing like having healthy discussions with a dynamic group of people who play the same role as you do for their companies. This is where I get to work ‘on’ my business and its been game changing.

There is no better place to surround…

Sophie Blais-Yalbir – There is no better place to surround yourself with peers – being the second in command can be a lonely place – not here!

Found my tribe! Great connections and learning with top notch COOs.

Erin Rand – Finally a high quality, focused forum for COOs/2nds in Command. It’s an excellent investment to keep growing and connect; been a game changer for me personally. It’s already got world class content and structure led by famous COO and author Cameron Herold but the magic is in the peer-driven development, connection and problem solving with people just like me.

This is a great tribe of peers

Mitch Dodd – This is a great tribe of people that are interested in growing together and helping others in the community. The synergies amongst the second in command across so many businesses is amazing. Kudos to Cameron and his team for creating this group to learn and grow together.

Calling all Second in Commands!

Kate Shneyder – Join the COO Alliance and you will have found your “people!”

It is great to be with people who…

Brian Lakari – It is great to be with people who understand you.

I always take away valuable insight…

Dave Wheadon – I always take away valuable insight every time I attend. I would recommend the COO Alliance to any “second in command”.

Learning Opportunities

Steve Hoffa – Excellent learning opportunities for the #2. Great forum to discuss issues and ideas among peers not offered elsewhere. Guest speakers are always interesting and with valuable content.

COO Alliance is the best way to meet…

Jim Kozel – COO Alliance is the best way to meet and interact with other COO’s as well as having access to great content and resources. Well done Cameron.

Fantastic Program

Rachel Pachivas – This program has changed so much about the way I look at my job and business in general. Having this outlet to connect with others in similar positions has shown to be invaluable. I highly recommend this program to anyone in the COO position who could use any type of support in their role.

It is a quality program where you share experiences

Joe Esparraguera – It is a quality program where COOs have an opportunity to share experiences under the supervision of a former COO, Cameroon, who appears to have seen it all. What I like best about it is the guidance is never “preachy”, recognizing there is more than one right way to lead an organization. The unifying theme of many sessions is “value your people”. I always go to these events expecting just to enjoy the break from work, and end up more energized than ever to get back to work. It’s also a wonderful network to tap into when issues arise.

The COO Alliance is outstanding!

Craig Dexheimer – The COO Alliance has been the best professional development organization I have ever been a part of. It is great to be sharing thought leadership with my tribe!

Great group with lots of knowledge…

Jeff McConnell – Great group with lots of share knowledge. The value is in the collective experience of the members and their willingness to share. Highly recommended.

Cameron and his team put on an …

Darrell Epps – Cameron and his team put on an excellent program. I would recommend this for any COO, no matter how many years of experience that may have. I love how honest and trusting the group is, it makes you feel like you’ve come home.