Time to Double Double your Company’s Worth

Increase your net worth and your company’s.


Master Your Emotional Highs And Lows | $249

Leading a business is an emotional journey of extreme highs and challenging lows that take a toll on you and your employees.
• Understand the emotional ups & downs associated with entrepreneurship
• Learn how to leverage gains from the “highs” & avoid unexpected risks of the “lows”
• Give employees & spouses insights into the stresses a business owner faces

Master Decisive Fast-Paced Leadership | $249

Access a proven, practical system for winning leaders.
• How to use a unique visioning process called a Vivid Vision™ to create total alignment in your team members and have them reading your mind
• Attract, interview & retain top talent, while systematically removing low performers
• Reverse engineer long-term goals – know precisely WHAT to do & WHEN to execute. You’ll forever change your strategic planning process to one that actually works.
Master Creating A World-Class Work Culture | $249

Turn your company into a magnet for awesome employees will be easy once you watch this presentation.
• How to use a unique visioning process called a Vivid Vision™ to create total alignment in your employees and have them reading your mind
• Secrets to attracting ‘A’ Players away from competitors
• Real life examples of what fantastic workplaces look like where Gen X, Gen Y & Baby Boomers all productively work together
• Step-by-step strategies for balancing culture with your bottom line

Master The Art & Science Of Landing Free Publicity | $249

Learn the PR secrets used to land over 5,000 stories in six years, including:
• Strategies to quickly become the quoted media “expert” in your industry
• How to create multiple angles that will generate the interest of journalists
• How to turn normal employees into skilled PR evangelists for your business


Vivid Vision | $17.99
Book Product

Vivid Vision is a revolutionary tool that will help owners, CEOs, and senior managers create inspirational, detailed, and actionable three-year mission statements for their companies. In this easy-to-follow guide, Herold walks organization leaders through the simple steps to creating their own Vivid Vision, from brainstorming to sharing the ideas to using the document to drive progress in the years to come.

Meetings Suck | $15.29
Book Product

In Meetings Suck, world renowned business expert and growth guru Cameron Herold teaches you how to use focused, time effective meetings to help you and your company soar. This book shows you immediately actionable, step-by-step systems that ensure that you and everyone in your organization improves your meetings, right away.

Double Double | $17.26
Book Product

Double Double is a step-by-step guide to enjoying the roller-coaster ride of growth — while getting the most out of life as an entrepreneur. A growth-focused approach: The book is divided into three sections, which cover planning for fast growth, building a company for fast growth, and leading for fast growth.

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