Regional Chair Program

About Our Chairs

We all know that a killer culture starts at the top. So we take vetting our chairs as seriously, if not more so, than vetting our members. Our City Chairs will set the tone for the meetings and the entire group. While you are not mentoring or coaching, you are playing the role of the facilitator. You will be ensuring that events stay engaging, relevant, and cultivate solution based conversations. As a chair, you are our way of ensuring that our values are upheld at the City Forum level, because without our values, we have nothing. 

Steps to become a Chair:
  • 1. Choose a region in which you would like to start a Regional Forum. **Multiple chairs can have city forums in the same region.** 
  • (Click here to see Regional Forum map). If a region already has a chair, you can still apply to that region. 
  • 2. Apply to be interviewed by clicking here.
  • 3. Once you have been extended an offer to become a chair and have signed the chair contract there is a $5,000.00 marketing fee due.
  • 4. Come to a COO Alliance National Event- admittance is FREE!
  • 5. On Saturday after the event, stay for a few hours of on-boarding and chair training. 
  • 6. Use our resources, strategy, and content to grow your forum.
  • 7. Once you have a minimum 8-14 members,  you are ready to start meeting!

Once the meetings start – the hard part is over and you are simply hosting and making money!

You are the perfect chair, if you are…
  • well networked.
  • a strong leader.
  • love business.
  • up to date on business books, podcasts.
  • up to date on business apps & tech tools.
  • running your own biz – marketing, pr, coaching, consulting.
  • looking to make an extra $100-150K per year.
  • available 6-18 days per year (.5-1.5 days per month).
  • a strong social media presence.
  • confident.
  • well versed in overall business knowledge.
  • in sync with Cameron Herold’s books & speaking.
  • looking to be part of a group.
  • interested in supporting others in growing innovative, diverse & rapidly expanding companies.

Virtual Regional Chair Meetings 

Quarterly regional chair meetings are held online to discuss the state of affairs with their peers an the National Program. These calls provide a platform for chairs to get support from the National Program, share ideas with one another, identify issues and trends, and innovate to improve their City Forum members’ experiences.

*Regions can have multiple Chairs. 

City Forum Cities

We will be expanding to more cities within the next few months, so join now and look for a City Forum event in a city near you!

* Cities can have multiple Chairs and groups.


Establish A City Forum Even If One Already Exists

We’re accepting multiple City Forum Chairs & City Forum Members in various cities. If you’re interested in starting your own local City Forums group or becoming a City Forum Member, you’re welcome to apply even if a group and/or Chair has already been established in your city.

Meet Our Regional Chairs

San Francisco & San Diego CA Chairs:

#1 ) Jenelle Cobb  

  • 25+ years growing and leading businesses to higher levels of performance and value in the technology, communications, and natural food industries.
  • Grew privately held cloud service company to $20M and then led through public offering.
  • Portfolio Manager for Private Equity Firm.
  • Global business unit leader at Microsoft; 13+ years, 10 products, 36 countries, $2B in revenue.
  • Small Business Owner; she’s built and sold a few businesses and  was raised in a family of owner-operators and farmers, it’s in her blood.

#2 ) John Hittler  

  • Entrepreneur, founder of 9 companies and one foundation.
  • Transformational business coach, partnering with clients to achieve seemingly impossible objectives.
  • Co-creator of the Genius Talent Discovery Process(TM).
  • Husband, father of 7, athlete, volunteer, foodie.
  • Operating principle: “When I give of myself first, everything else seems to fall into place.”

#3 ) Blake Canedy  

  • Canedy Court reporting – 1988 – 2004
  • Graduated Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology 2004-2006
  • Business Coaching and saving lives 2012 – current
  • Language Translations 2006 – 2013
  • Elected President to EO San Diego 2013 / 2014

#4 ) Kevin Cohen  

  • 20+ years of leading and scaling business in the technology, professional service, retail, e-commerce industries
  • Competencies include growth architecture, strategic management, demand generation/digital marketing, organizational development, and finance/accounting.
  • Founder of multiple companies, and has held VP positions at several technology and online companies.
  • As a former 6-year member of Entrepreneurs Organization (Colorado), understands the power of peer forums and masterminds.
  • Current client, ShipOffers, has from grown $1.2 to $18.7M in five years (292%/year).

Savannah, GA Chairs:

#1 ) Trivinia Barber  

  • 13+ Years working in the virtual administration space prior to founding a successful staffing company.
  • A Small Business Owner, she’s built her business to run without her so she can serve CEO’s and COO’s to build teams they can trust.
  • Partnered with multi 7 and 8 figure online businesses to help them optimize and scale quickly.
  • Coaches and Consults small businesses nationwide on operational efficiency and high performance strategies
  • A mother to four daughters, Trivinia is passionate about dispelling the myth of work life balance and instead focuses on the integration of business with family life.

Ottawa, Ontarior CA, Chairs:

#1 ) Pierrette Raymond  

  • Multi-business owner, consultant and coach
  • 4-time published author
  • Speaker, facilitator, community leader
  • COO Alliance City Forum Chair
  • Member of the Forbes Coaches Council

Chicago, Illinois Chairs:

#1 ) Chris Scherer  

Also a Chair for Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Chris is a transformation leader focused on systems and integration, with 25+ years global experience in finance, human resources, IT and operations, executing system-wide programs to add value and mitigate risk across borders, functions, levels, industries and technologies.
  • Since joining Arthur Andersen Business Consulting after completing a dual-degree graduate program in the US and Spain, he has delivered well over $100 million in first-year savings, consulting with diverse Fortune 500 companies.
  • He led numerous multi-disciplinary (Fortune 500) teams to first gain executive-level support, develop hypotheses, then deliver findings and implement results.
  • Most recently, he helped a boutique management consulting firm (with roots from Arthur Andersen) grow from 11 employees to 130+, increasing revenue over 10X in only six years.
  • Having gained Fortune 500 executive-level support for decades, Chris now helps senior leaders of small and mid-sized companies filter through the chaos and regain control.

Royal Oak, Michigan Chairs:

#1 ) Michael Pachuta  

  • In 1998, Michael began his career with Smith Security Corporation as the Special Project Manager assisting with projects ranging from real estate acquisition for branch offices, acquisition due diligence, developing training programs for security personnel and assisting with information technology projects.
  • Credential Check Corporation – Michael transitioned from Smith Security Corporation to Credential Check Corporation (fka RAMS Group) at the conclusion of his time with Smith Security Corporation.
  • Michael served as the Vice President of Summit Group Holdings for several years where he focused on managing a multi-tenant office building that Credential Check was a tenant of.
  • Michael founded HRPreneur to provide a recognition award for Human Resource Professionals. After running the state human resource conference in Michigan for several years he realized that there was no recognition program that included all levels of HR professionals.
  • Michael Founded EFOGI in 2017 to work with organizations that are focused on growth. Over the past 20 years Michael developed processes to assist with shortening the sales cycle by connecting prospects with other prospects and clients that are further along in the sales process.

Louisville, Kentucky Chairs:

#1 ) Robert Burns  

  • 17 years experience in non-profit management specializing in fund development, staff leadership, team building, Executive Board recruiting, strategic planning, and event management and execution.
  • Small business owner – developed 1-800-GOT-JUNK? brand in the Louisville market – recognized 6 times as a “Top Performer” franchisee
  • Business First of Louisville Forty Under 40
  • Real Estate investor; licensed real estate agent
  • More than 30 years experience in sales and customer service developing brand-loyal lifetime customers / donors

City Forum Events

  • 6 events per year, per City Forum group.
  • 10-14 members per City Forum group (not including the City Forum Chair).
  • Regions can have more than one Chair member.