Regional Chair Program

About Our Chairs

We know a killer culture starts at the top. So we take vetting our chairs as seriously if not more so than vetting our members. The City Chairs will set the tone for the meetings and the group. While they will not be mentoring or coaching, more so playing the role of the facilitator they will be the ones that make sure that the events stay engaging and relevant and cultivate solution based conversions. Quality chairs are our way of ensuring our values are upheld at the City Forum level and without our values we have nothing. 

Steps to become a Chair:
  • 1. Choose a region you would like to start a Regional Forum in. ( Click here to see Regional Forum map).
  • 2. Apply to be interviewed by clicking here.
  • 3. Come to a COO Alliance National Event- admittance is FREE!
  • 4. Stay for the Saturday after the event for a few hours of on-boarding and chair training. 
  • 5. Use our resources, strategy and content to go-to-market.
  • 6. Once you have your minimum of 8-12 members you may hold your first meeting!

Once the meetings start – the hard part is over and you are simply hosting and making money!

You are the perfect chair, if you are…

  • Well networked.
  • strong leader.
  • love business.
  • up to date on business books, podcasts.
  • up to date on business Apps & Tech Tools.
  • Running your own biz – marketing, pr, coaching, consulting.
  • Looking to make an extra $100-150K per year.
  • Have 6-18 Days per year available (1 – 1.5 days per month).
  • Strong social media presence.
  • Confident.
  • Good overall business knowledge.
  • Resonate with CHs books & speaking.
  • Like being part of a group.
  • Desires support others in growing innovative, diverse & rapidly expanding companies.

Virtual Regional Chair Meetings 

Quarterly regional chair meetings are held online to discuss their state of affairs with their peers an the National Program. These calls provide a platform for them to get support from the National Program, sharei deas with one another, identify issues and trends, and innovate to improve their City Forum members’ experiences.

City Forum Cities
We will be expanding to more cities within the next few months, so join now and look for a City Forum event in a city near you!

Meet The San Diego, San Francisco Chair: Jenelle Cobb

  • 25+ years growing and leading businesses to higher levels of performance and value in the technology, comunications and natural food industry.
  • Grew privately held cloud service company to $20M and then led through public offering.
  • Portfolio Manager for Private Equity Firm.
  • Global business unit leader at Microsoft; 13+ years, 10 products, 36 countries, $2B in revenue.
  • Small Business Owner; I’ve built and sold a few businesses, I was raised in a family of owner-operators and farmers, it’s in my blood.

City Forum Events

  • 6 events per year, per City Forum group.
  • 10-14 members per City Forum group (not including the City Forum Chair).

  • Cities & Regions can have more than one City Forum-pending regional needs.
  • Cities & Regions can have more than one City Forum Chair also.