Regional Chair Program

About Our Chairs

We all know that a killer culture starts at the top. So we take vetting our chairs as seriously, if not more so, than vetting our members. Our City Chairs will set the tone for the meetings and the entire group. While you are not mentoring or coaching, you are playing the role of the facilitator. You will be ensuring that events stay engaging, relevant, and cultivate solution based conversations. As a chair, you are our way of ensuring that our values are upheld at the City Forum level, because without our values, we have nothing. 

Have a question about being a chair?
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

You will earn 50% of the profit from each member. Each chair fee is 10k shared.

Until we have our 20th chair, the cost of membership is a one-time fee of $5,000. With your membership fee, you can open as many regions as you’d like, as long as you follow the proper procedures in doing so.

You can open as many as you’d like, provided that each region has at least 8 active members.

Before you get paid for your referral, you must be established and have an existing group. You must be a current chair, have an active City Forum group, with a minimum of 8 active paid members. At that point, you can receive 10% of the profit from that group. 

Anywhere you and your group feel comfortable. If you wish to meet at one of your businesses, a designated hotel or other location, that is up to you as the chair. However, any associated costs stemming from the location is the responsibility of the chair. 

For refreshments, we suggest members take turns bringing food on a rotating schedule. You can also choose to provide food yourself, at your own expense.

Yes, we will provide you with an agenda for every event, one month in advance.

The month following each event, you will be paid 1/6 of your total profit for the members in good standing at the time of the event.

We provide all of our COO Alliance branding, which includes content, collateral, verbiage, and strategy. We can also provide lead generation, should you choose to purchase leads from us. 

All marketing expenses are the responsibility of you, the chair. However, you are welcome to use any and all of our designated City Forums collateral for free. 

Please note that every chair needs to sit in as an observer at at least one COO Alliance National Program event prior to launching your own local group.

We project a time frame of 18-20 days from onboarding to going to market. Once your group is live, you’ll spend time interviewing members, meeting planning, and attending chair meetings, in addition to the 6 events per year. Expect to spend a few hours per week until your group is full. 

In your second year and beyond, we estimate that your total time commitment to be 7-10 days.

We will provide the agendas and review them with you the month prior to the event!

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Steps to become a Chair:
  • 1. Choose a region in which you would like to start a Regional Forum. **Multiple chairs can have city forums in the same region.** 
  • (Click here to see Regional Forum map). If a region already has a chair, you can still apply to that region. 
  • 2. Apply to be interviewed by clicking here.
  • 3. Once you have been extended an offer to become a chair and have signed the chair contract there is a $5,000.00 marketing fee due.
  • 4. Come to a COO Alliance National Event- admittance is FREE!
  • 5. On Saturday after the event, stay for a few hours of on-boarding and chair training. 
  • 6. Use our resources, strategy, and content to grow your forum.
  • 7. Once you have a minimum 8-14 members,  you are ready to start meeting!

Once the meetings start – the hard part is over and you are simply hosting and making money!

You are the perfect chair, if you are…
  • well networked.
  • a strong leader.
  • love business.
  • up to date on business books, podcasts.
  • up to date on business apps & tech tools.
  • running your own biz – marketing, pr, coaching, consulting.
  • looking to make an extra $100-150K per year.
  • available 6-18 days per year (.5-1.5 days per month).
  • a strong social media presence.
  • confident.
  • well versed in overall business knowledge.
  • in sync with Cameron Herold’s books & speaking.
  • looking to be part of a group.
  • interested in supporting others in growing innovative, diverse & rapidly expanding companies.

Virtual Regional Chair Meetings 

Quarterly regional chair meetings are held online to discuss the state of affairs with their peers an the National Program. These calls provide a platform for chairs to get support from the National Program, share ideas with one another, identify issues and trends, and innovate to improve their City Forum members’ experiences.

*Regions can have multiple Chairs. 

City Forum Cities

We will be expanding to more cities within the next few months, so join now and look for a City Forum event in a city near you!

* Cities can have multiple Chairs and groups.

Establish A City Forum Even If One Already Exists

We’re accepting multiple City Forum Chairs & City Forum Members in various cities. If you’re interested in starting your own local City Forums group or becoming a City Forum Member, you’re welcome to apply even if a group and/or Chair has already been established in your city.

Meet Our Regional Chairs

Jenelle Cobb  

San Francisco & San Diego CA:

Jenelle is an entrepreneur, business coach and former software executive who has spent over 25 years growing and leading businesses to high levels of performance and value in the technology, communications and natural food industry. She has been a trusted advisor to companies like Microsoft, Qualcomm, Amazon, AT&T, Getty, Starbucks, and Clif Bar.

Jenelle is an expert guide and mentor for senior executives and high potential leaders. Jenelle leverages her experience and proven methodologies to help businesses achieve double and triple growth in short periods of time.

  • 25+ years growing & leading businesses
  • Industries: technology, communications, & natural food
  • Portfolio Manager for Private Equity Firm
  • 13+ years at Microsoft: 10 products, 36 countries, $2B in revenue
  • Grew privately held cloud service company to $20M
  • Small Business Owner
Jenelle Cobb - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Jenelle Cobb: Click Here.

City Forum Launching: 11/14/18 
(San Diego)

John Hittler  

San Francisco, CA:

John Hittler is a transformational business coach who works to uncover and foster the innate talent of each individual. Co-creator of the Genius Talent Discovery Process™, John supports individuals, teams, and entire organizations in accessing their unique “genius”. The tools and methods utilized help to transform the culture of the business team and create lasting behavior change. John has worked with companies like Facebook, Zenga, and Microsoft. He is passionate about helping business teams and individuals achieve lasting growth.

  • Entrepreneur & Founder of 9 companies & 1 foundation
  • Transformational Business Coach
  • Co-creator of the Genius Talent Discovery Process™
  • Husband, father of 7, athlete, volunteer, foodie
  • Operating principle: “When I give of myself first, everything else seems to fall into place.”

Recommended Materials: The Motivation Trap

John Hittler - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email John Hittler: Click Here.

City Forum Launching: 11/1/18

Kevin Cohen  

San Francisco, CA:

Kevin Cohen is known as the  “Growth Architect”. At his Colorado based firm, Kevin Cohen Consulting, he works in lead generation, digital marketing, and growth strategy. When businesses happen upon sales problems, which most do, Kevin brings his 20+ years experience in scaling businesses to provide practical solutions. He takes a personalized approach to build rapport and guide his clients to create customer based marketing campaigns that drive traffic and increase conversions. Kevin designs business growth from the inside out and loves sharing his sales expertise.

  • 20+ years of leading & scaling businesses
  • Industries: technology, professional service, retail, & e-commerce
  • Experience: growth architecture, strategic management, digital marketing, organizational development, & finance
  • Founder of multiple companies
  • Held VP positions at several technology & online companies
  • Former 6-year member of Entrepreneurs Organization (Colorado)
  • Helped his client, ShipOffers, grow from $1.2M to $18.7M in 5 years
Kevin Cohen - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Kevin Cohen: Click Here.

Kathy Pennington Henderson  

San Diego, CA:

Kathy has over 30 years of executive management with expertise in strategy, business processes, accounting, operations and business information consulting experience. Her expertise in business analytics allows clients to gain insight into understanding, measuring, simulating, and optimizing performance.

Kathy specializes in working with organizations, start-ups, and fast growth businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sector. She has helped organizations to increase profits and develop replicable and scalable processes, which empowers employees to optimize performance. Kathy’s work has taken her from the sunny coast of San Diego to the far reaches of Siberia. She is always thrilled to see where it will take her next.

  • Owner & Principal of PFM Consulting
  • Industries: technology, software solutions, business analytics, & compliance
  • Former CEO & President of Radiant Technologies
  • Founder of Pennington & Associates 
  • Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer of KUITY Corp. 
  • 30+ years experience: business strategy, process improvement, training, accounting, finance, & business information consulting
  • MBA & retired CPA 
Kathy Pennington Henderson - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Kathy Pennington Henderson: Click Here.

City Forum Launching: 11/07/18

Pierrette Raymond  

Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario, CA:

Pierrette Raymond is a multi-business owner, four-time published author, coach & consultant. Having run multiple companies, she intimately knows the challenges that her entrepreneurs and COOs face in today’s business climate. She leverages her experience and skill set to help entrepreneurs, visionaries and COOs grow their businesses, maximize efficiencies, and build strong cultures. With Pierrette’s passion for growth and dedication to her clients, she supports and enables profound transformation in business, philanthropy, and social presence.

  • Multi-Business Owner, Consultant, & Coach
  • 4-time published author
  • Speaker, facilitator & community leader
  • Member of the Forbes Coaches Council
Pierrette Raymond - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Pierrette Raymond: Click Here.

City Forum Next Event:
Ottawa – 11/27/18

Toronto – 11/29/18
Vancouver – 12/10/18

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Chris Scherer  

Chicago, Illinois & Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Chris Scherer helps small and mid-sized business owners, CEOs and COOs filter through the chaos and achieve their goals through a proven and structured approach. With over 25 years experience in global finance and healthcare, Chris knows how to execute system wide programs that add value and mitigate risk across borders, industries, and technologies. He specializes in business intelligence, data analytics, and process review and development. Chris’ attention to structure is a key component in the sustainable growth of a business.
  • Transformation leader
  • 25+ years global experience
  • Experience: finance, human resources, IT and operations, & executing system-wide programs
  • Helped Arthur Andersen Business Consulting deliver $100M+ in first-year savings
  • Led numerous multi-disciplinary Fortune 500 teams
  • Helped a boutique management consulting firm grow from 11 employees to 130+, increasing revenue over 10X in only 6 years
  • Helps senior leaders of small & mid-sized companies
Chris Scherer - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Chris Scherer: Click Here.

City Forum Launched: 10/18/18

Robert Burns  

Louisville, Kentucky:

Robert Burns is an experienced leader in both the non-profit and small business sectors. He specializes in small business management, event planning, marketing, and team leadership. Robert also maintains a strong focus on customer service to develop brand loyalty and lifetime customers.

Robert’s exceptional leadership and strategy is what has established him as a top performer in business. He is known for connecting buyers and sellers and is always excited to help others do the same.

  • 17 years experience in non-profit management
  • Small Business Owner 
  • Developed 1-800-GOT-JUNK? brand in Louisville market
  • Recognized 6 times as a “Top Performer” franchisee
  • Business First of Louisville Forty Under 40
  • Real Estate investor; licensed real estate agent 
  • 30+ years experience in sales & customer service 
Robert Burns - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Robert Burns: Click Here.

City Forum Launched: 12/18/18

Chad Bishop  

Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

Chad Bishop is a global real estate advisor with experience in sales, management, and logistics. He has managed a sales team and worked intimately with his CEO to increase revenue by 10 times. Chad is a hard worker who values smart choices. As a City Forum Chair, Chad draws upon his skill set to provide COOs with quality tools, feedback, and support to rapidly grow their businesses.

  • Worked in Logistics for Mr. Alans Shoes
  • Developed & managed sales team 
  • Worked with CEO to grow from $1M to $10M+ per year
  • Real Estate Agent for 15 years 
  • Sold more than $1B in investment Property, Residential, Multi-family & Retail 
Chad Bishop - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Chad Bishop: Click Here.

Gabriel Muller

Reston, Virginia & Washington DC :

Gabriel Muller is a high-energy, enterprising and future-focused C-suite executive with 10+ years of senior operations leadership success in the financial services industry. His career includes a proven track record of boosting revenue and assets under management for nationwide wealth management firms by orchestrating growth-oriented business vision and strategies. He also specializes in defining and executing an ongoing, unforgettable client experience through innovative methods.

Gabriel is known as a nimble leader who adapts to and excels in dynamic business environments. He is passionate about helping small companies reach their potential and provide clients with a world-class experience. As an avid pilot, Gabriel develops a clear flight plan and performs a thorough review of the aircraft before each outing to ensure that the plane is airworthy. 

  • Chief Operating Officer, Glassman Wealth Services
  • Helped grow Glassman Wealth Services from $250 million to $1.3b in assets under management in 7 years.
  • Led and built the culture to be named #1 Best Place to work 4 years in a row
  • Schwab Technology, Operations & Service (TOS) Advisory Board Member
  • Mission: to positively impact even more lives.
Gabe Muller - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance

Email Gabriel Muller: Click Here.

City Forum Events

  • 6 events per year, per City Forum group.
  • 10-14 members per City Forum group (not including the City Forum Chair).
  • Regions can have more than one Chair member.