Ep. 152 – Dynamic Marketing, Inc. COO, Alan Joskowicz

Ep. 152 – Dynamic Marketing, Inc. COO, Alan Joskowicz

Our guest today is COO Alliance Member Alan Joskowicz, the Director of Operations and COO for Dynamic Marketing, Inc. 

Alan is highly experienced as a director of operations & director of information technology with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale, retail, and warehousing industry. He is skilled in negotiation, analytical skills, sales, retail, and databases. 

Alan joined Dynamic Marketing, Inc. in 2010 and grew the company from 250 million in sales to 500 million. He also brought the company from a very old technology-based setup to a modern-day virtual network. While at Dynamics Marketing, Inc., Alan created departments for Operations, HR, IT, and Marketing. 

Alan also added member services far beyond just purchasing and selling the products. Before DMI, he worked for the Federal Reserve, big pharma, and IBM.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The set criteria for membership 
  • When marketing was added into the mix 
  • What has changed over the last 10 years of growth within the company 
  • The culture of the organization and how to bridge the gap between the different factions within the company 
  • How Alan and the company deals with the intricacies in the contracts for union employees 
  • How DMI adapted as an organization during COVID


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Dynamic Marketing Inc. – https://www.dmiorg.co


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