Ep. 133 – Alverno Labs VP of Operations, Dale Kahn

Ep. 133 – Alverno Labs VP of Operations, Dale Kahn

Our guest today is Alverno Labs’ VP of Operations, Dale Kahn. 

Dale R. Kahn is a native of Northwest Indiana, a resident of Dyer Indiana where he has lived most of his adult life.  Dale was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana and attended Elston Senior High School there.  Dale attended Manchester University and the Franciscan Health Hammond School of Medical Technology, graduating with a BS degree in Medical Technology. 

After college, Dale worked with Franciscan Alliance in the laboratory located in Hammond, Indiana which was then known as St. Margaret Hospital.  Dale specialized in the Chemistry field, and the IT area of the laboratory.  He moved into the management area for the laboratory early in his career and eventually became the Laboratory Director for the St. Margaret site.  

Dale was part of the planning and design team that built Alverno Clinical Laboratories which first opened in 1999.  He accepted the role as Central Laboratory Director for Alverno in 2002 and more recently as Vice President of Operations.  At that time, the laboratory consisted of a central laboratory facility in Northwest Indiana and 6 hospital laboratories from the Franciscan Alliance healthcare system.  In 2005 Alverno expanded to service 18 hospitals by integrating with the Provena Health laboratories and to service all of the Franciscan Alliance hospital laboratories.  In 2008 Alverno expanded to service 26 hospitals by integrating with the Resurrection Healthcare laboratories located in the Chicago market.  Provena and Resurrection merged in 2012 to form Presence Health.  More recently, AMITA Health acquired Presence Health, and integrated an additional 6 hospital laboratories with Alverno.  Alverno currently manages the central laboratory facility along with 32 hospital laboratories in Indiana and Illinois for the Franciscan Health, AMITA Health and Sinai Health systems.   Dale directed this large and continuous expansion of the Alverno central laboratory facility through flexible design, focus on process and has developed many computerized solutions, building on his IT expertise.  

Dale has helped lead Alverno with several firsts in the laboratory industry.  In 2013, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (now Beckman) named Alverno as their Microbiology Innovation Center for the US.  Alverno was the first laboratory in the US to implement full microbiology automation and one of the first to routinely report clinical microbiology identifications utilizing the Maldi-TOF system.  In 2014, Alverno installed one of the first Beckman Power Express Automation systems in the United States.  Advance Laboratory Magazine named Alverno as Laboratory of the Year in 2016.  In 2019 Alverno launched a Digital Pathology project and will be one of the largest providers of Digital Pathology for human tissue in the world.

Today Alverno is one of the larger hospital integrated laboratory networks in the country.  Many throughout the country and even the world continue to visit Alverno to learn and apply the Alverno model of integrated laboratory services. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The science behind Alverno Labs (operations, employees, funding and scale)
  • How Alverno Labs operated throughout this year and which teams transitioned to working from home versus which continued to work at the offices 
  • How Dale Kahn and Alverno Labs keeps the leadership team lean
  • What metrics Dale looks at when measuring the efficiency of the teams operating from home 
  • The ownership and infrastructure of the company 
  • Dale’s approach to the succession planning for the many factions of Alverno Labs 
  • How to find the emerging leaders within the organization 
  • How politics is identified and managed within Alverno Labs as it grows 


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