Want To Learn Even MORE New Strategies and “ROI-Boosting” Ideas from Some of the World’s Best COOs?

If you usually feel out of place at events tailored to CEOs and Founders…

My COO Alliance is an exclusive and vetted Second-In-Command mastermind group. If you qualify, you will be connecting with and learning from other top COOs in their industries.

CEOs have plenty of options for training, development and coaching.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for a COO.

This is the cure.

After identifying this severe leadership support deficit,
I launched the COO Alliance.

Save time, stress, and money by leveraging the experience and support of your peers.

Here are 3 ways that my COO Alliance can help you…

We are the only network that solely supports the COO. We’re not a branch of a larger organization that has added COOs into the mix, we are EXPERTS!

We are exclusively committed to the COO and pride ourselves on understanding what you are facing and work on developing you.

The COO Alliance is your tribe- not just a network. It’s a group of executives collaborating and sharing information to solve issues you are currently facing!

The premise of the group is not to find new business opportunities, but to build relationships with experts in their fields and support one another to be better people holistically.

This group is not just a guy with a theory who wants to coach you. Cameron Herold is a seasoned leader who has been in the COO role and brought a company from $2 million to $106 million! Learn from someone who has been there and succeeded.

A peer group and trusted community of executives who are “Second-in-Command” for multi-million dollar organizations around the globe.

The COO Alliance isn’t just another business association with stuffy conferences and uncomfortable meet-ups… It’s your tribe!

Our members come from many different industries, but they’re facing similar problems and looking to grow in the same direction.

If you’re a COO who is a true Second-In-Command, committed to learning and growing, and looking for a like-minded group of your peers. Trust me, you’ve never seen COO training done like this before.

This Opportunity Isn't For Everyone.

The actual reason I’m saying this is because… when most people see the word “Alliance” …their brain immediately jumps to “Mastermind” …and that’s not exactly what the COO Alliance is about.

The reason most people apply for the COO Alliance is… they want to meet, network, and exchange ideas with other successful COOs and Executives.

Our “ideal candidate” looks something like this…

You’re a GM, VP of Operations, Director of Operations, COO, President etc., and run company operations.

All applicants must be running a team with a minimum revenue of $5 million or Cash Raised.

All members must meet both requirements, as outlined below…

Requirement #1

Members must have a team of full-time employees. Persons engaged on a commission basis or seasonal basis rather than straight salary are considered employees if they are connected with the corporation.

Requirement #2

The corporation must have an enterprise value of USD 5,000,000 as defined by one of the following:

If this is you, I’d love to have you network and exchange ideas with us.

That’s why…

I'm Opening Up Applications To My Private Alliance

Members enjoy attending three events each year, hosted at luxury hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada.

Each event includes a welcome reception, two full days working with Cameron and other COO Alliance members, all food and beverages, and a fun group outing on Thursday.

Members are welcomed into the members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups, where they can ask questions, bounce ideas, and just converse with your tribe about the unique challenges that accompany your role as Chief Operating Officer.

You’ll also have access to the private Dropbox where Cameron and other members share documents and presentations that will aid your growth.

In between events, check in with Cameron and other members face-to-face during quarterly video conferences designed to supplement what you’ve learned and put into practice.

We want to make sure all members get the most out of their COO Alliance membership, and as a result…

Before You Apply, Let Me Be 100% Transparent:

I built this application process to filter out the tire-kickers.

Let me show you how it works in 3 easy steps:

Step #1.

There’s a link at the bottom of this page that goes to an application.

Step #2.

Completely fill it out, I’ll personally review it.

Step #3.

If I believe we could “possibly” be a good fit, I’ll reach out to you and schedule a quick 30 minute call. If I think we’re a match, I’ll invite you to become a member.

If this opportunity sounds right to you, click on the “Apply Now” link below and submit your application before the last remaining spots fill up and you miss this exclusive opportunity for good…

Please Fill The Form Below To Apply: