Membership Requirements


-Do You Qualify?-

Are you a good fit for the COO Alliance? Our members are COOs of company’s with a team of employees that reach $5 million or more in revenue each year. We have an application process in place to ensure that we align our members with other COOs that are at their level, facing the same obstacles, and committed to the same vision.

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-National Membership Qualifications-

We welcome every COO that is longing for that special experience to network and reach the next level of their business career with us. While we aim to help anyone in need, we do realize that there is a specific demographic that benefits the most with us. 

That’s why the COO Alliance is the exclusive network for high quality COOs aspiring to reach that next level. 

Member Qualifications

To become a member of the COO Alliance is to venture into an all-in-one learning platform. This is not a place to buy and sell from each other, but to create amazing new relationships with like-minded business people.  

Please note that we suggest the following criteria for our members because our findings indicate that these COOs receive the most value from our program. If you match some, but not all, of the criteria we encourage you to apply and speak with our team today.

Annual Revenue: $5 million minimum.

-COO Alliance Member Data-


  • Ranges from $3 million-280 million 
  • Median: $17 million 
  • Average: $35.3 million 


Number of employees: 

  • Ranges from 16-800 
  • Median: 56 
  • Average: 162 

-Our Core Values-



Putting the ‘Cult’ Culture

Excellence in Membership Experience

-The Interview Process-

We want to help you reach your potential – but we also want to ensure that you’re in the most supportive group you can be a part of. This is why we put every applicant through the interview process. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Applicants who accept our core values and know what to expect from us 
  • Members who will come to our events, looking to build a peer group, not looking to buy or sell 
  • Fulfillment of the annual member application process (Investment of one-time payment of $20k – Click here to apply)  
  • After applying, someone from our team will reach out to you 
  • Schedule the interview (typically lasts between 30 mins – 1 hour)  
  • Application will either be approved or rejected based on criteria 

-Ready To Join And Find Your Tribe?-

This is your time to get excited – your chance to grow & network with like minded successful COOs who crave more! This is your gateway to a better career and a better future for your business! If you’re done reading and ready to jump in, click the button below!