Why choose The COO Alliance?

1. We are the only network that solely supports the COO. We are not an off shoot of a larger organization that has added COOs into the mix, we are EXPERTS! We are exclusively committed to the COO and pride ourselves on understanding what they are facing and working to develop you as a COO.

2. The COO Alliance is your tribe- not just a network. It is a group of people collaborating and sharing information to solve issues you are currently facing! The premise of the group is not to get business opportunities but to build relationships with experts in their fields and support one another to be better people holistically.

3. This group is not just a guy with a theory who wants to coach you. He is a man who has been in the COO role and brought a company from 2 million to $106 million! Learn from someone who has been there and succeeded.

The Virtual Interview Process

The COO Alliance isn’t just another business association with stuffy conferences and uncomfortable meet ups.  It’s your tribe, and we’re just as selective as you would be when choosing who to include.  Our members come from many different industries, but they’re facing similar problems and looking to grow in the same direction.  We’re looking at company size, revenue, and culture.  We’re looking for COOs who are true second in commands, committed to learning and growing, and looking for a mastermind of their peers. This is COO training, but you’ve never seen it done like this before.

Think you have what it takes? Apply Now, and we’ll set up a video call with a member of our team.

Member Benefits      Compare Benefits

Members enjoy attending three events each year, hosted at the luxurious Royal Palms Resort and Spa.  Each event includes a welcome reception, two full days working with Cameron and other COO Alliance members, all food and beverages, and a fun group outing on Thursday.

Members are welcomed into the members only Facebook and LinkedIn groups, where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, and just converse with your tribe about the unique challenges that accompany your role as Chief Operating Officer.  You’ll also have access to the private Dropbox where Cameron and other members share documents and presentations that will aid your growth.

In between events, check in with Cameron and other members face to face during quarterly video conferences designed to supplement what you’ve learned and put into practice.

Maximizing Your Membership

We want to make sure all members get the most out of their COO Alliance membership, and as a result, we offer a FREE virtual meeting with our team to discuss what to expect and how to best use your membership, stay engaged, and prep for the event.  To register for the call, Apply Now.

Annual Membership*

3 Events
  • Food and Beverage
  • Build relationships with vetter and qualified peers
  • Build crucial lasting business relationships
  • Join social media pages
  • Access to members only social media groups
  • Monthly member engagement: book reviews, problem solving
  • Online database of exclusive worksheets and resources
  • Quarterly check-in call with Cameron and other members
  • Pair up with an accountability partner to support you all year
  • Official welcome packet with member information and resources
  • Free Access to Cameron's speaking events
  • Exclusive COO Interviews
  • Exclusive guest speakers

Test Drive

1 Event
  • Food and Beverage
  • Build relationships with vetter and qualified peers
  • Build crucial lasting business relationships
  • Join social media pages