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COO Alliance

Director Business Development (Sales)

Are you in sales? 
Do you want to sell directly to CEOs & COOs?
Are you really into leadership development?
If this sounds like you, this could be an awesome fit…

This is sales.  This is mostly outbound sales.  This is full commission sales.  But it’s sales with a small unique company built by an entrepreneurial thought leader, and it gives you access to CEOs, COOs, and thought leaders globally.

You’ll be talking to people who really should join the COO Alliance.

Your job is to get them on Group Info Calls.  Then on those calls you’ll answer their questions and help them think through if the COO Alliance is at fit for them and their company.

We'll spell it out clearly:

  • You’ll get a database of candidate leads that are 4-12 months old to connect with. 
  • You’ll be able to connect with our Facebook list & our LinkedIn list.
  • You will be able to generate referrals from current and former members.
  • The CEOs & COOs you speak with will usually have a basic idea of how the COO Alliance works (though they will often need more explanation)
  • No pressure tactics or slimy techniques allowed—it’s not us.
  • If you aren’t turning away at least 20% of potential applicants, you are not doing it right.  Members need to do a minimum of $5 Million in revenue and be a strong cultural fit with our current members.

Our membership isn’t cheap.  It’s $6,740 to $20,000 per year plus travel for members.  If you gulp reading that—move on.  If you’re thinking OK, I get it—keep reading.  Member companies need to be ready to grow and want to focus on growth.  It’s not for everyone.  We do also give them a 10X Moneyback Guarantee though too—if they don’t generate at least 10X their invested to “test drive” the event, we’ll give them their money back.  No one has ever taken us up on that.

Many of our members’ CEOs are a part of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization), EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), Vistage, or mastermind groups like Genius Network, Baby Bathwater, Mastermind Talks, Maverick, GoBundance, Cadre, etc.  Their CEOs want to grow— and so do they.

Our members love the COO Alliance.  Our events regularly get Net Promoter Scores around +85%. 

Oh ya, and you’re going to report to our Founder & CEO Cameron Herold.  Google him— if he seems like a fit you’ll love it.  But it won’t be easy either.  He really wants to grow this.

You’re going to work closely with other members of our sales, marketing & social media teams as well.  You’re coming in early as we’re just beginning to really scale up the membership.  Get ready to grow personally too.  You’re going to have access to a TON of CEOs & COOs and their business ideas too.

Who Is The COO Alliance?

We’ve created the only network of its kind in the world for seconds in command.  Our second in command podcast shares amazing insights from COOs globally.

You can see some press about us here.

You can see some of the impact we’ve had with COO members in these stories.

Why This Work Matters

Our company started because COOs don’t have their own tribe.  They don’t have a place to learn with each other.  And they were tired of attending conferences made for CEOs who are completely different than them.  Here is the Vivid Vision of what we’re building together.  If it resonates with you, then you’ll love this job too.

Interested? Awesome, here are the details:

Next Steps
Email a 1-3 minute video about why you want this job, and why you’ll kick as in it – send to and put – “Hire Me” in the subject line or we’re not even going to talk…

You can live anywhere in the world – North America preferred…

Type of Employment

  • Full time
  • Full commission

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this role…

  • You Love Interacting with People: This should be obvious—you’re going to be on the phone with people all day. You’d better like talking to people, or you will hate this role. And not just talking. You should love texting them, emailing them, reaching out on LinkedIN, Facebook etc. to get them on calls with you.  You’ll be cold calling, warm calling and doing follow ups. 
  • You Can Talk to CEOs & COOs: Almost everyone you talk to will be very accomplished in their field.  They run companies with $5MM to $500MM in revenue.  You need to understand all the basics of business.  You should be someone who geeks out on business books and podcasts. 
  • People Like You: We don’t want slimy sales pressure tactics. Our business is a relationship business, and the relationship starts with the sales call. If people don’t like you, they won’t want to work with us. 
  • You’re a Closer: This is the most important aspect of sales. Can you actually close someone? If you can’t do this, then the rest doesn’t matter. This job is about closing. Your paycheck depends on it. 
  • PipeDrive & Active Campaign:  To really excel in this role, you NEED to be great at leveraging a CRM like PipeDrive.  You’re going to have a strong database of warm leads that we sucked at connecting with regularly and professionally enough – you’ll be sitting on tons of cash.
  • Ideally CUTCO Sales Experience:  If you’ve worked with Cutco, and excelled there, you’ll crush it in this role.  It’s outbound & referral-based sales that will help you crush it in this role.

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: You’re going to earn minimum $70K this year or you won’t be with us- because you’ll get fired.  Ideally, we want to see you at $100-120k in your first year (our first salesperson is already well past that).   This is sales, its incentive based. If you’re decent, you’ll do great.  If you’re great, you’ll crush it- and $200K+ is VERY doable in year 1 and 2 for sure.
  • Freedom: You can work from home, work while you travel, our current sales guy started in Scottsdale and he’s now living and working from Portugal. You do need to be in Scottsdale and Vancouver 3-5 times a year for our live events (once we’re allowed live events again. haha). 
  • Work with Interesting People: You’re not just selling.  You’re selling to COOs & CEOs all day – you’re going to really explode your business network.

If You’re Interested…

Email a 1-3 minute video about why you want this job, and why you’ll kick as in it – send to and put – “Hire Me” in the subject line or we’re not even going to talk…

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