Interview Process

Interview Process
How to make the most of your interview and your most frequently asked questions answered

What To Expect

The interview takes place on Zoom, a video conference platform. If you do not have Zoom, it is advised to download it for free by clicking here.
The video conference is preferred. If that is not an option, you may call in by phone.

We will send you a zoom invite at the exact time of your call or up to 8 minutes after (as some meetings go a few minutes over time). If you do not receive an email with the Zoom link at the exact time of your call, please allow up to 8 minutes after your scheduled time before contacting us.

The meeting will consist of 20 minutes interview format and 5 minutes for any questions that haven’t been covered.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so immediately by clicking cancel or “No” on the calendar invite and emailing us at

To reschedule, you may contact us directly or use this calendar link.

We take the interview process very seriously as it allows for us to maintain the integrity of our member experience. We appreciate you valuing the time of our team by communicating if you need to make a change to your interview appointment. We understand that emergencies happen and allow for one no-show in that case. If you miss your interview a second time, we will have to decline your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. We do not do discovery calls. The best way to learn more about COO Alliance membership is to interview first.

COO Alliance membership is an exclusive network, not “pay to play”. We vet all of our members to make sure they meet our qualifications for revenue, size, values and culture. It is more time efficient for everyone involved to first make sure that you qualify for membership through the interview process. If you do not wish to interview, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

If you are a fit for our programs, you will already have an understanding of our ideals. There is nothing specific you need to prepare. We will be asking about your leadership values and goals. We value candid responses.

You will not receive the Zoom link until the exact time of your interview. Please look out for the email at that time.

No, all interviews take place on Zoom. If you need to call in by phone, you may use the Zoom number provided in the email.

Please allow up to 8 minutes after your scheduled time to receive the Zoom link. If it is past 8 minutes, please send an email to

No, we only interview COOs or seconds in command. Please have your COO apply with their name and information and we will set up an interview with them.

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Feel free to respond with any additional questions or concerns. Rachyl is looking forward to speaking with you!