Frequently Asked Questions

*What should I wear?

All events are resort casual.  This is a little more casual than business casual in most areas of the country.  Think chinos, loafers, and polos for men, and slacks, easy skirts/dresses, comfortable shoes for ladies.

*Do I need to bring anything special?

Nope!  We’ll provide all meals and materials.

*What do I need to do to prepare?

Come ready to focus!  Make sure your office knows that you will be engaged and without your phone during meetings.  You can check in at lunch and during breaks, if necessary, but to truly get the most out of the event, you can’t be working remotely the whole time.

*I have a food allergy/sensitivity/request.  What do I do?

Let Meridith know as soon as possible.  The hotel is amazing to work with!  All meals include a vegetarian option, and allergies can be handled appropriately.