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Join a COO Alliance City Forum and meet COOs from small to medium sized companies in your area! Learn what countless other COOs are learning to fully transform their companies and scale to immeasurable success.

What Is A City Forum?

City Forum events take place all over the U.S. and Canada and aim to provide a local forum option for organizations with a minimum of $2 million in annual revenue. The city forum was created to support COOs of small and medium sized organizations that aspire to scale and implement strategies that exponentially increase profits.

City Forum events provide COOs with invaluable professional development support. They are led by our highly qualified regional chairs, who have extensive experience building and managing successful businesses. Our chairs leverage their success to offer expert mentorship. Come together with other innovative and critical thinking peers to discuss issues and challenges you are currently facing, as well as receive immediate support and actionable solutions from your peer group.

City Forum Events:

  • Meet 6 times per year
  • Take place at member offices and are facilitated by the regional chair
  • Have specific themes like staffing strategies, culture building, marketing etc.
  • Include peer presentations
  • Provide COOs and seconds in command with the tools, feedback, and support necessary to rapidly grow their companies.

We focus on addressing situations completely unique to the COO/2nd in command. CEOs already have countless opportunities for peer support and are not permitted membership to our events. This creates an atmosphere of like minds and confidentiality.

Every CEO needs someone to execute their vision. You, as the COO are indispensable to your organization. We specialize in providing you the support and tools to truly grow and scale your company. This is your tribe.

Grow Yourself And Your Company In A City Near You!

  • Exclusively for COOs
  • Six, One Day Events Per Year
  • No travel necessary
  • Learn from your peers

By 2020, COO Alliance City Forums will be in the top 30 metros in the U.S. & Canada.

Have a question about joining the City Forums? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The value of peer groups is a time tested principle. When people who desire to improve themselves come together in a small, focused group to problem solve, the resulting sense of connection and accountability creates positive and forward thinking outcomes. Our national members are proven examples of the value of peer groups (links to bonus time video). City Forums operates within the same model as our national membership, with the exception that the events are spread out over 6 single day events throughout the year. The City Forum is run by a qualified chair in your region, which allows for a cost effective local option.

Our brand guarantees your money back if you do not make 10x the amount of money you paid to attend the event, in a decision, or change you plan to implement upon your return.

The time commitment is the same as National Membership, but is spaced out over 6 single event days instead of 3 two day events. Having the events spaced in this manner allows for the C-Suite Executive in command to receive the benefits of a diverse peer group without having to travel. This way, you can stay focused on your company while also improving your business perspectives. Taking 6 days out of the entire year to be strategic is absolutely crucial to growing the skills you need to evolve with your company and maintain positive business outcomes.

Membership is annual and renews once per year. 

It really depends on what you are able to pay – that typically goes along with size of your company. You may also want to consider your location and ability to travel for national events. If travel is not an option, City Forum is a great local alternative. If you are still unsure about which is right for you, contact us with your questions and we will point you in the right direction.

Our founder does provide 1:1 executive coaching – To learn more, email Meredith Kuba. Depending on your region and company size, the local chair in your area may be a more viable option.

No. Your Regional Chairs come together weekly with the National team to ensure that you are getting the best facilitation possible.

All chairs apply and are heavily vetted. They all have in-depth experience and are expert facilitators of company and people growth. Many of our chairs are also executive consultants and/or have executive roles in their own companies.

You can apply by clicking here.

Yes, find their email contact here.

Follow this link. Please read requirements and expectations to find out if you qualify

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Why are we doing this?

We want to provide the innovative and great leaders of tomorrow with the resources and support necessary for healthy and rapid expansion. We also love to see great people succeed and achieve their dreams.

These 6 events are truly unique. They provide you with a chance to:
  • Take a step back from the daily grind to think strategically and see your business with fresh eyes. You’ll be able to make the changes necessary to reach your company’s long term goals.
  • Discover peer perfection – Providing you with a room of subject matter experts in many industries that can give you a different perspective on how to manage your company systems.
  • Immediate support and solutions to issues you are currently facing, allowing you to leave every event with answers, resources and tangible solutions.

Who can apply to join a City Forum?

If you are the COO/2nd in command, your company has minimum of $2 million in annual revenue, and 20 employees or contractors, you can apply to join a City Forum!

Peer-to-Peer –
This Is Where The True Value Is..

The real value of your City Forum membership is being able to learn from the experiences/knowledge of others who are facing – or have conquered – the same issues you!

You will not only get to know your peers at the events through collaborative breakouts, group problem solving and member presentations, but you will also get to tour other members offices to understand their processes and see their culture in action.


Outside of the 6 events per year, you will have the opportunity to connect with accountability partners who you will help you stick to meeting your goals in areas of improvement.

Interviewing & Onboarding Process. 

To ensure that our members are more than just a numeric fit, we take our interview process very seriously. We deliver a first class peer group for our members by interviewing each member to ensure they are brilliant, caring, and team oriented leaders.

We strive for diversity.  

We know that all COOs come from different backgrounds, and this is what makes the COO Alliance strong. As long as our members share our values, the more diverse the background the better. The more varied experiences our members have, the more innovation and growth their peers will experience.

  • Be open-minded 
  • Innovation is key 
  • Come ready to collaborate 
  • People come first 

Where will we have City Forum Events over the next year?

By 2020, we will be in the top 30 metropolitan cities in the United States.

City Forum Cities

We will be expanding to more cities within the next few months, so join now and look for a City Forum event in a city near you!

City Forums Regional Map

How many members are in a City Forum?

Each forum will have one Chair and 10-14 members.

Membership Value:

  • Receive Immediate support and solutions to issues you are currently facing, allowing you to leave every event with answers, resources and tangible solutions.
  • Take a step back from the daily grind and think strategically,
  • See your business with fresh eyes and make the changes necessary to achieve rapid expansion and success.
  • Discover peer perfection – We vet our members seriously and work hard to build a room of subject matter experts (other COOs) in many fields that will help to provide you in-depth information into areas you are looking to develop.

Vivid Vision – COO Alliance: City Forums

Download the Vivid Vision
of the City Forums (PDF)

City Forums Event Membership

$ 12,000 $10K + $2K Sign-Up Fee For First Year (Covers Up To Six Events)

$10,000 Annually
  • World Class COO Specific Content
  • Network With Peers
  • Exclusive COO Community
  • 6, One Day Events Per Year
  • No Travel Necessary!
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