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Meet Kathy Pennington Henderson

Meet Kathy Pennington Henderson

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San Diego, CA:

Kathy has over 30 years of executive management with expertise in strategy, business processes, accounting, operations and business information consulting experience. Her expertise in business analytics allows clients to gain insight into understanding, measuring, simulating, and optimizing performance. Kathy specializes in working with organizations, start-ups, and fast growth businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sector. She has helped organizations to increase profits and develop replicable and scalable processes, which empowers employees to optimize performance. Kathy’s work has taken her from the sunny coast of San Diego to the far reaches of Siberia. She is always thrilled to see where it will take her next.
  • Owner & Principal of PFM Consulting
  • Industries: technology, software solutions, business analytics, & compliance
  • Former CEO & President of Radiant Technologies
  • Founder of Pennington & Associates
  • Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer of KUITY Corp.
  • 30+ years experience: business strategy, process improvement, training, accounting, finance, & business information consulting
  • MBA & retired CPA
Kathy Pennington Henderson - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance