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Meet John Hittler

Meet John Hittler

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San Francisco, CA:

John Hittler is a transformational business coach who works to uncover and foster the innate talent of each individual. Co-creator of the Genius Talent Discovery Process™, John supports individuals, teams, and entire organizations in accessing their unique “genius”. The tools and methods utilized help to transform the culture of the business team and create lasting behavior change. John has worked with companies like Facebook, Zenga, and Microsoft. He is passionate about helping business teams and individuals achieve lasting growth.
  • Entrepreneur & Founder of 9 companies & 1 foundation
  • Transformational Business Coach
  • Co-creator of the Genius Talent Discovery Process™
  • Husband, father of 7, athlete, volunteer, foodie
  • Operating principle: “When I give of myself first, everything else seems to fall into place.”
Recommended Materials: The Motivation Trap
John Hittler - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance